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I welcome all followers .I would like to thank you all for following it and highly appreciate your comments and sharing ideas .your comments and sharing is as a support to me .My goal is to defend my rights and any others' right ,making the necessarily changes by all means that is available to me in my country and the whole world to make our life better and for better world.invite your friends to help stop of all sorts of crimes against humanity (I hope to make a universal day to release all political and opinion detainees 25 of April ) to join our students brothers in Russia on this day struggling for a protest for the politiacl prisoners.دفاعا عن المظلومين و المقهورين و حقوق الانسان و الجرائم ضد الانسانيه فى العالم و فى عالمنا العربى خاصة و مصر.قد تشارك هذه المدونه مع اصدقائك او تتبعها فلا تستهين بمشاركتك بتعليق فى دقيقه قد يساهم فى انقاذ افراد او فئات او احيانا ملايين من العالم اشكركم ايجابيتكم فى العمل الحقوقى مع العلم ان هذه المدونه متصله مباشرة فور التعليق او النشر بالعديد من المنظمات الحقوقيه العالميه

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

taking a photo is not a crime

Place : police station the first at Al 
Mahalla Al Kubra , Egypt
Happened to me once again
my tel:00201203844695
 They confiscate my mobile and tried to stick terrorism crime to me,but they could not for many reasons
to be continued 
Only 6 days in Egyptian police station story.
I am Magdi Sobhi Mohamed Ebrahiem Amer.
Date of Birth 17.Jan.1962.
College graduated of collage of Arts and had Post studies for two years in Publics relations and information.
I witnessed all this story and all names and persons mentioned here are real and I met them all.

I stayed in the police station 6 days. I was taking a photo via my mobile , on 4th June 2015 .then, I was abusively self-searched. Mohamed Aamara ; a police officer of the police station no 1 in Mahala Al kubra ,Egypt. ;  was the responsible  and to be accountable at this time when he allowed his people to search all my pockets. They took all (6 police people in civilian cloth) my pockets contents, my mobile phone and my National ID card which are still there . The ID card is kept with the Chief of the criminal investigation of  the police division one , mahalla Kobra , Hassan Abu El Magd ,for the reason I can't submit any complains against them. Also , not to be able to hire a lawyer. In this case they can arrest me more several times with t he excuse of not having ID card or to send me to the court for a session which I did not know when will it to be . All this happened without having any court order. This happened when I was taking photo via my mobile like hundreds of time I did before. but the police officer got out of the police car and headed towards me , telling me to give him my mobile .because  I told him I will never allow anybody to violate my privacy , the international human rights laws and the Egyptian constitution. Then, the police officer and his force considered my words as offense and an insult to stick to my rights. Then, they began to search me by force and took all my pockets contents. I told them many times that I want to close my shop before going with them, but they forced me to get into their car. I told the gathering of the people gathered nearby, "Be my  witness that the police took my phone, Id card and did not let me to close the shop.

When we reached the police station , one of the informant began once again to search me in a provocative and humiliating manner to the extent that he was touching my genitals, Mohammed Ammar ; the police officer ; to to be held responsible for behaving as if he approves what theywere doing .Later , we went up to the Criminal Investigation building and there they began beating , insulting and humiliating me.
Participants in the beat and torture
Mohammed Al Gameel
Officer named Moaz
officer Mohammed Ammar
responsible and accountable as the Chief of the criminal investigation Dept. who uses a methodical torture,beat,insult, fabrication of cases and charges against civilians ,wasting human dignity of all civilians  Hassan Abu  El Magd
Tarek Attawya the sheriff of the police station the first at Al Mahala Al Kobra
White fat is short fat white green eyes who repeated searching me during  speaking  ill and calling me bad names.
Then, they tortured me .forced me to give them my phone password .later, they moved me in a cell with two people who were
Hamada Abd Al Haleem AAmarah was detained from 29th. June 2015 for no charges and never been shown to the prosecutor.
Sultan Ibrahiem Al Saidy who was there since 2nd June 2015  sentenced to be innocent and to be released
later they moved me to the legal detainee
I stayed 6 days in this police station and this was the first day. I wasn't allowed to telephone my lawyer or my family. Nobody knows I am in that police station , but my work neighbors. No one let me know what my charges are. Even the prosecutor (when I was shown to him on Friday 5th.June 2015 ) did show me to medical chick when I told him I was tortured. He did not let me hire a lawyer or didn't bring me any lawyer. He surprised me that I called the police officers bad names. I denied the accusations and told him the true story , but he(the prosecutor) bailed me L.E 1000 .after paying the bail .I wasn't allowed to get out of my detainee as they found another case against me that two people complain I quarreled with them. I never did this in my life but maybe when I was sitting peacefully at the square with others in 2013 demonstrating against ex-president, some of his supporters issued a fake complain against me. So they sent me to the court on 7th June 2015.after doing the necessary formalities at the court ,I should be released at once, but they kept me illegally until 9th.June 2015 .Now I can not move anywhere or even issue a case or submit a complain,because the police kept the ID card and none can issue a complain without showing his ID card to the investigator .
I am a witness for all stories I sent and I will submit a complain once I issue a new ID card ; which takes about 15 days or more ; to the general attorney .
twitter:                          @king_magdi
Tel :   00201203844695
A researcher,blogger,and human rights activist   
Magdi Amer
التقاط صورة ليس جريمة
فى يوم الخميس الموافق 4-6-2015 حوالى الساعة 4:15 م
بينما انا أحاول ان التقط صورة اثناء مرور دورية الشرطة المصرية من ش مصطفى كامل منطقة محب ، خلف نادى البلدية فى مدينة المحلة الكبرى ،من امام الدكان الذى اعمل فيه   و الدورية كانت مكونة من مدرعة ، و ليس اقل من 7 عربات شرطة اخرى ،  نزل ضابط إسمه محمد عمار من سيارة الشرطة- ( فى زى مدنى لا يعلق أى شارة تحمل اسمه او رتبه مثله مثل باقى ضباط الشرطة المصرية اثناء اداءهم عملهم لا يقدم أى معلومات للمقبوض عليه و لا يطلعه على حقوقه الدستورية أو القانونية لا يسمح له بإجراء اتصال هاتفى بمحاميه او ذويه و لو جاءه محاميه او ذويه لا يعرف أحد ان يصل اليه ) _ و حاول ان يأخذ التليفون المحمول و بالفعل حصل عليه بالقوة و تم تفتيشى ذاتيا بطريقة مهينة عن طريق حفنة من افراد الشرطة مع استخدام التهديد و الضرب امام الدكان الذى اعمل فيه ، و تم نقلى الى سيارة الشرطة  ثم الى القسم . على الرغم اننى كنت وحدى فى عملى و كان ينبغى ان اغلق الدكان قبل رحيلى ، و طلبت منهم ذلك عدة مرات الا انهم اخذونى معهم و تركوا الدكان مفتوح فى حراسة الجيران .
و ذلك كله بالمخالفة للدستور و القانون المحلى و القوانين الدولية على النحو التالى :
taking a picture is not a crime
On Thursday, 04.06.2015 at around 16:15
While I was trying to take a picture during the Egyptian police patrol passed by Mustafa Kamel ,Moheb area, behind the municipal Club , city of Mahalla al Kubra, and the patrol was made up of armored, and no less than seven other police vehicles, an officer called Mohammed Ammar got out of the police car - (in civilian clothes,with no signs or badge bearing his name or rank, like the rest of Egyptian police officers while performing their work do not provide any information to the under arrest and not inform him of his constitutional rights or legal ,also he is not allowed to make a telephone call to his lawyer or his family, and if his lawyer tried to reach  none can reach the detainee) _ this officer with the help of other 6 more police civilian dressed people  tried to take my mobile phone and managed to force me to by force .Then I  was self searched  in a humiliating manner by a handful of policemen with the use of threats and beatings in front of the shop where I work, and I was transferred to the police car and then to section . Although I was alone in my work . the shop should have been closed before my departure, I asked them several times, but they took me with them and left the store open in guarding of my neighbors.
all this was in violation of the Constitution and domestic law and international law as follows
عدد من الضباط و رجال الشرطة المصرية فى داخل قسم اول المحلة الكبرى ، قاموا بالضرب و بعدها التعذيب و يدير قسم المباحث الجنائية فيه حسن ابو المجد و يدير القسم كمأمور  طارق عطوية.
فور وصولنا الى القسم بدأ السب و الشتيمة بأسوأ الالفاظ و تفتيش ذاتى مرة اخرى بطريقة تنال من كرامة الانسان و تهينه رغم التفتيش الاول امام الدكان الذى اعمل به و اخذوا منى فى التفتيش الاول كل ما معى فى جيوبى.
كارنيه حقوق انسان منتهى صلاحيته
بطاقة شخصية
بعض الاوراق غير ذا اهمية
و صعدنا الى المبنى الخلفى لقسم المباحث الجنائية من داخل قسم شرطة اول مدينة  المحلة الكبرى ، مصر. و استمرت طوال صعودنا السلم الخلفى الشتيمة و السب و الاهانة و كلما اقتربنا من النهاية كلما زادت حدة السب و الاهانة الى ان وصلنا الى الطرقة فى الدور الاول علوى امام مكتب رئيس المباحث و استمر المشى و السب و الضرب من اكثر من 6 اشخاص
ضابط يدعى معاز
مخبر يدعى محمد الجميل
عدد 3 مخبرين اخرين لا اعرف اسمائهم و لكن اوضحهم لى كان قصيرا ، ابيض ، اخضر العينين ، بدين.
و بعد الضرب دخلنا الى غرفة بالقرب من زنزانة تستخدم كقفص حجز و لكنها بعيدة عن الاعين و تم التعذيب
ربط كل يد على حد بقيد مع تضييقه على اليد ثم ربط القيد بماسورة على ارتفاع 30 سم  بطريقة لا تسمح للشخص بالوقوف او الجلوس او يرتاح على أى جانب يمينا او يسارا و يستمر ذلك الى ان تتورم الايدى و الاذرع بعد على الاقل 6 ساعات
ما يلاحظ ان الالام الناتجة عن ذلك تستمر ليس اقل من 20 يوم لو كان استمر بهذا الوضع 8 ساعات و هذا ما حدث معى .
A number of officers and men of the Egyptian police in Mahalla al-Kubra in the first section, and the Criminal Investigation Department beat me and torture me.
I accuse those who are responsible for all these violations as follow:
Police officer Mohammed Ammar
Chief of the Criminal Investigation Department  Hassan Abu El Magd and  the Sheriff : Tariq Ataweyah and they should be accountable for this
Once we got to the section they began calling me bad names and insulting me with the worst wordy and self-inspection searching again in a way that undermine the  human dignity . despite the first inspection in front of the shop where I work when they took me, at the first self searching and took everything with me in my pockets.
A human right membership card which was expired
My Identification Card which is still with them
Some of non-importance papers
Then  we went up to the rear of the building of the Department of Criminal Investigation of the Police Department within police station the first , city of Mahalla, Egypt. And continued throughout our climb the stairs the more we get closer to the lobby of the criminal investigation department, the more severe insult and stocks with fists and kicks everywhere in my body by  more than 6 people.

Officer named Moaz was one of the gangs beating me severely
Informant named Mohammed Al Gameal
Number of three other informants I do not know their names, but It was very clear to me that one of them was short, white, green eyes, and little fat.
After the beating we entered into a room near the cell used as cage and it is far from the public eye ,It is used for torture ,exile and hiding people illegally.
Linking each hand on the narrow end with the enrollment on the hand and then connect the constraint pipe fixed to the wall parallel to the floor at a height of 30 cm way that does not allow a person to stand or sit or rest on either side right or left and it will continue to swell the hands and arms after at least 6 hours
What it is observed that the resulting pain lasts not less than 20 days if the situation continues in this 8 hours and this is what happened to me.
They moved me twice this the first day after beat and torture me I stayed, for less than one hour, in a cell in which people should be released, but still illegally captured. then, I was moved to the legal place for those who should be exposed to the attorney.
more soon will be added

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For better world said...

only six days in one police station at Al Mahalla Al Kubra, Egypt which had 3 police stations and othe central police stations>
all these violations in one one Egyptian police station.Egypt had hundreds of police stations>

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