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I welcome all followers .I would like to thank you all for following it and highly appreciate your comments and sharing ideas .your comments and sharing is as a support to me .My goal is to defend my rights and any others' right ,making the necessarily changes by all means that is available to me in my country and the whole world to make our life better and for better world.invite your friends to help stop of all sorts of crimes against humanity (I hope to make a universal day to release all political and opinion detainees 25 of April ) to join our students brothers in Russia on this day struggling for a protest for the politiacl prisoners.دفاعا عن المظلومين و المقهورين و حقوق الانسان و الجرائم ضد الانسانيه فى العالم و فى عالمنا العربى خاصة و مصر.قد تشارك هذه المدونه مع اصدقائك او تتبعها فلا تستهين بمشاركتك بتعليق فى دقيقه قد يساهم فى انقاذ افراد او فئات او احيانا ملايين من العالم اشكركم ايجابيتكم فى العمل الحقوقى مع العلم ان هذه المدونه متصله مباشرة فور التعليق او النشر بالعديد من المنظمات الحقوقيه العالميه

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

إعترافات البلطجية : الداخلية اعطتنا السلاح‬‎

One of the thugs that attacked the civilian people at homes and in the streets also all over Egypt .....He says that an office let him flee away from the prison ,gave hime 5000 L.E and told them to go to salute and greet Mubarak in the streets ....and to attack all opponents

Monday, February 7, 2011

Million and 2000 of people in Mehalla Kubra.avi

More than oe million of people wanted Mubarak and his system to fall in Mahalla Kubra city as one of the cities and Gharbya governorate ....Egypt has abot 30governorates ....90 percent of these governorates contains hundreds of villages and 10th of towns and cities...Mybe Egyt has 10s of thousands of villages which live in margine of al concerns for more than 30 years >>people are good and kind enough to forgive and also most of them do not know their rights ..they only endeavour for their living and their children


Before the withdrawal of the security plice an the interior ministry in Egypt ,Mahalla Kura city...the olie people kidnapped 5 protesters ...their freinds got angry andcollected in front of the police station ...this event eded at burning te four cars belonged to the officer after breaking down the police station after the police support came they began to shoot at people directy .....A smoke bomb was about to hit my head thank GodI could move my had and escape it ,but it touched a shoulder oftsome one behinde me ....
Now I call for opening an invistigtion for the crime against the protesters
Anyway this video a police secrtary says that the people ere wrong and a police oficer named HaythamEl Shami about to be transfered from his division and would be pomoted because people in his circle hated him ....... this is the culture of the interior ministy and policemen

Look and see the knife with one of Mubarak supporters.avi

The thugs and gangs of Mubarak and his party collected in some governorates not all over Egypt also they were talking with their hands most of mwere criminals and police men ,but few were of his political party and fnally some businessmen and shura assemblly collected some naive and poor people carried as cargos on cars and promised to be paid for this this was why they did not stay long and did not do this again ..........however all over Egypt governorates people aggregated by themselves in millions the whole last 11 daysand still demanding for the dislocation of Mubark

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Omar may Allah be pleased with him: not the best in people who are not intelligent advisors, and the best in people who do not like the intelligent advisors.

The prophets peace be upon them at the top of humility, Idriss peace be upon him was a tailor, David peace be upon him was a blacksmith Moses worked as a shipard  why they did not say that they were chosen by God and they will not work or do any business except for what suits them.

Abu Bakr, may Allah be pleased with him said, "We found generosity in piety, and rich in certainty, and honor in humility"

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