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I welcome all followers .I would like to thank you all for following it and highly appreciate your comments and sharing ideas .your comments and sharing is as a support to me .My goal is to defend my rights and any others' right ,making the necessarily changes by all means that is available to me in my country and the whole world to make our life better and for better world.invite your friends to help stop of all sorts of crimes against humanity (I hope to make a universal day to release all political and opinion detainees 25 of April ) to join our students brothers in Russia on this day struggling for a protest for the politiacl prisoners.دفاعا عن المظلومين و المقهورين و حقوق الانسان و الجرائم ضد الانسانيه فى العالم و فى عالمنا العربى خاصة و مصر.قد تشارك هذه المدونه مع اصدقائك او تتبعها فلا تستهين بمشاركتك بتعليق فى دقيقه قد يساهم فى انقاذ افراد او فئات او احيانا ملايين من العالم اشكركم ايجابيتكم فى العمل الحقوقى مع العلم ان هذه المدونه متصله مباشرة فور التعليق او النشر بالعديد من المنظمات الحقوقيه العالميه

Monday, March 1, 2010

My demands

This message was sent to the president Mubarak,the parliament,the prime minister,the attorny general, the minister of interior attached to my complaint in 12 paper message. Accordingly to my case the tragic circumstance that affects the Egyptians live and experince and results happened to me These are my own demands as follow: Judicial support morally and materially. Investigate all mentioned by all parties concerned and responsible. Investigation by the People's Consultative Committee and a facts-finding impartial and not all of them belong to the National Party, most of them from any other currents. Prosecuting interior minister and in his capacity and laziness for failur. (Telegraph was sent to him on 31 | 12 | 2003. I called his office three times a day or maybe more but was in vain and there was a person in his office responded to me I told him that a complaint had been submitted and the police officers still bullying on me said no salvation just make a report and every time I speak to them every day, did not respond to any positive ). Punish all wrongdoers and bring them to trial and this should be announced in the newspapersand to publicthe apology by the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Justice. To restore the situation to what it was and this is impossible to be compensatory for more than 10 years or a little more experienced of my life in the most important age period. Abolition of investigations by the Ministry of the Interior, that is to stop any government employees for work just if there is any complain made by one of the citizens against him and to be prosecuted by the Egyptian judiciary the interior people are not above the law and to improve the image of the Ministry of Interior, where many people are killed or ill-treatment or abused or tortured in addition to all this exploitation of their job positions and the raguous voilations to the Egyptian and the international laws. To the judiciary to have a full supervisation and full independent powers of all the police stations and prisons. Abolition of state security courts and invistigation to civilians. Protection from the Ministry of Interior and things that thug possible by them as they have done already and do not call me any before them, as long as I'm not involved in any crime and they do not have any permission to do so. Abolition of emergency law. Compensation and I do not beg. TO put all the international laws and constitutional laws into implementation and active not to be just on papers to convence the international community .on the contrary I ask for making them practical.

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Omar may Allah be pleased with him: not the best in people who are not intelligent advisors, and the best in people who do not like the intelligent advisors.

The prophets peace be upon them at the top of humility, Idriss peace be upon him was a tailor, David peace be upon him was a blacksmith Moses worked as a shipard  why they did not say that they were chosen by God and they will not work or do any business except for what suits them.

Abu Bakr, may Allah be pleased with him said, "We found generosity in piety, and rich in certainty, and honor in humility"

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