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I welcome all followers .I would like to thank you all for following it and highly appreciate your comments and sharing ideas .your comments and sharing is as a support to me .My goal is to defend my rights and any others' right ,making the necessarily changes by all means that is available to me in my country and the whole world to make our life better and for better world.invite your friends to help stop of all sorts of crimes against humanity (I hope to make a universal day to release all political and opinion detainees 25 of April ) to join our students brothers in Russia on this day struggling for a protest for the politiacl prisoners.دفاعا عن المظلومين و المقهورين و حقوق الانسان و الجرائم ضد الانسانيه فى العالم و فى عالمنا العربى خاصة و مصر.قد تشارك هذه المدونه مع اصدقائك او تتبعها فلا تستهين بمشاركتك بتعليق فى دقيقه قد يساهم فى انقاذ افراد او فئات او احيانا ملايين من العالم اشكركم ايجابيتكم فى العمل الحقوقى مع العلم ان هذه المدونه متصله مباشرة فور التعليق او النشر بالعديد من المنظمات الحقوقيه العالميه

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A stop and self accountability

This article is just to call for a two country anouncement in Palastine.Everybody in this world have the right to live in peace and dignity.So be brave and all for peace and let's forget all happened in the past.A new start but true new start. To the Untited Nations,America,Wstern countries,Russian,and China,Arab world and Israel.We all have an obligation towrds the Palastinian to live side by side with Israel away of all sorts of grudges and racism, away of procratunation and manuplation.Don't breed your children on the haterd of others and don't let us breed ours on the grudge.The world has a lot of the challanges that we should be hand in hand to face.The world need us all together. Sykes-Picot Convention From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Convention Sykes - Picot - Sazanov 1916 was a secret understanding between Britain, France and Russia to share the endorsement of the Fertile Crescent between France and Britain to determine the zones of influence in West Asia after the dismantling of the Ottoman Empire, which dominates this region, in the First World War Was access to this Convention between November 1915 and May 1916 confidential negotiations between the French diplomat François Georges-Picot and Briton Mark Sykes, and the picture of the exchange and understanding between the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of France, Britain and tsarist Russia that time. Disclosure of the agreement was the arrival of the communists to power in Russia in 1917, which raised the peoples affected by the Convention and embarrassed France, Britain and the People's reaction - the official Arabic have appeared in the direct correspondence Hussein McMahon.The Fertile Crescent was divided under the agreement, France and received the bulk of the west wing of the Crescent, Syria, Lebanon and much of southern Anatolia and the Mosul area in Iraq. The regions of Britain, has taken control of the party in the Levant the southern direction expanding eastward to include Baghdad, Basra and all areas between the Arabian Gulf And the French in Syria. It also established the Almntqpalty is subsequently deducted from the south of Syria and Palestine, known under the international administration to be agreed upon in consultation between Britain, France and Russia. However, the agreement provided for the ports of Britain, Haifa and Acre to be France's freedom to use the port of Haifa, and gave France to Britain in return use of the port of Iskenderun, which was would be in their possession.Later, to ease the embarrassment suffered by the French and British after the disclosure of this Convention and the Balfour Declaration, issued a book in 1922, Churchill House language to make clear the purpose of mitigating the British control of Palestine. However, the content of the Sykes - Picot was reaffirmed at the San Remo in 1920. Beyond, approved by the Council of the League of Nations mandate and of the areas involved in the June 24, 1922.States and political entities, which inherited the boundaries drawn by this Convention or the resulting conventions: Iraq, the region in 1932 took the French mandate on Syria: Syria, virtually independent Lebanon in 1946, took as a separate entity from Syria in 1943 the area of the British Mandate on Palestine: Jordan, took as independent of Syria and after the Great of Palestine in 1946 (the autonomous region since 1922) Jordan, took as a separate entity from Syria and after the Great of Palestine in 1946 (the autonomous region since 1922.Palestine, the effect of the instrument over the League of Nations mandate over Palestine on 14 May 1948 and vacated by the British. But the next day declared by Israel over large parts of the borders of the British Mandate on Palestine,The Arab-Israeli conflict started. In 1994, the Palestinian National Authority was established as a semi-autonomous and inherited parts of the narrow limits of the former British mandate on the west bank of the River Jordan and the Gaza area, which used to belong to Egypt administratively.dividing the area of the French mandate in Syria and to two policy issues: Syria and Lebanon in the twenties of 20 century, and then become two freed countries in the twentieth century. deviding the area of Palestine, which were subject to the British Mandate in 1922, the two policy issues: Palestine and East Jordan. In 1946 became the independent Kingdom of Jordan East (today: the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.In 1949 (following the 1948 war and after the abolition of the British Mandate) to divide of Palestine into three political units: Israel,the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Founded in 1994 the Palestinian National Authority, which extends the powers of the West Bank and Gaza Strip, is likely to become the independent Palestinian state. And where Israel was at that time, of course, does not have any presence they were citizens of all countries of the world as is the case with Christians and Muslims and other religions. Can Muslims claim that the U.S. or Independence state autonomy in the state or some states of America and then migrate the Muslims from all over the world, Is the United Nations to intervene and help them . And whether there will be alliances and secret agreements and conspiracies , as between England and France ashamed Told that the man when he is without prejudice to the English and French which is the normal in the west, why do you want from the Muslims and the Arabs to trust you, you, the rulers and the peoples of the West Officials and departments may mistake, but where is the conscience of the peoples of all peoples in love, harmony and peace is supposed to be in solidarity with Gaza, to blast and aircraft and the death of some or all of the passengers.Yes, there has been a humanitarian not steal Arab lands were divided and the purpose of a seed, including weakness and pain happen to agree with me that the devil himself is ashamed of such acts and the last, we come and say that the Palestinians must renounce How insulting to those who have been displaced and rape and kill him and stealing his presentation and down and tore up the enemy if their teeth are not the brutality and terrorism, but does not defend itself and its territory.And not without racial hatreds and tolerance of all I must be on the West England, Russia, France and Germany, Italy and the United States of America to make amends for sins against the Arabs, and correct mistakes, and history are testimony of the victim and the Ottomans did not lose the people we date, and the loss of our rulers, and others all of us affected by the negative impacts of the running to try to make it to live.Israelis to feel grateful to the Arabs and the whole world to agree and make them neighbors of the Arabs and the tolerance of us and so generous at the same time, but it was stubborn and unwilling to give up Vdaoha and are seemingly in spite of the ArabsAnd on the Israelis to feel grateful to the Arabs and the whole world to agree and make them neighbors of the Arabs and the tolerance of us and so generous at the same time, but it was stubborn and unwilling to give up Vdaoha and are seemingly in spite of the ArabsForce them, but they fear the finger nails and teeth of the Arabs, and this Hakih known to the world in general and are especially Varaby defend their rights even if the result is death, but he did not want to live in yoke and humiliation Is Chaim Weizmann (Hebrew: (27 November 1874 to 9 November 1952) months after the personal Zionism, Theodore Herzl. Played a major role in the Balfour Declaration November 1917. Was President of the World Zionist Organization from 1920 until 1946 he was elected the first Chairman of the State of Israel in 1949 Born in Russia, and was active in the Zionist movement since its inception. Participated in 1903 in the establishment of mass democracy and Zionism, which called the process, in 1904 emigrated to Britain where he obtained a university degree in chemistry from the University of Manchester. Contributed to the discussions that led to the "Balfour Declaration" in 1917. In the fourth of June (June) in 1918, met with Prince Faisal, who later became a short period and the king of Syria and then Iraq, and spoke to him about the Jewish-Arab cooperation. Wiseman presided over the union of Zionism, "the Histadrut," considered a fundamental link with the Government of Britain between 1921 and 1946 with a brief pause between 1931 and 1935. Endorsed the decision to partition Palestine, and was inclined to Israel's accession to the Union of Middle Eastern. The Jewish citizens were scattered all over the world and formed the Federation of Zionist or formed as the Mafia, and no longer have a homeland and there has been a conspiracy cooked out and deceit,manipulation,falsfying and procratunate Even though of all this the jewish had and has not been satisfied with what was a dream is a wish for them they do not want to live in the presence of Arab they want to eliminate and erase the word Arab of the world dictionary, and even if they and only they will not be able to seek those who are Muslims or non-Arab.I agree that they have to live in peace and we support her security not only Americans ,but don't fool me and tell me that Palastinians do not need the support of the world for their security and stop seiging,dislocating, arresting,detaining them and terrifing their children.let the fresh air and water to be in there for them and also secure Israeli people .My prophit said,"I am with young till grows up and ith the weak untill he gets strong." So no more wars no more mass distruction weapons and no more oppression at any part of the world for the hard and sifficult coming days. Jews were thus designated proportion to the Jewish religion, and they are about of a religious group, like any religious group in the world and is not a specific state and never was a state of the old and what will and will not be long by too much, to be a .. Fraud and deception will not work with the peoples of the world,It is backed and supported by administrations that will fail ... and destroy these systems and drags people back that did not pay attention to their interests ... Just assign and determine any kind of civilization of the Jews just to believe what is said .. As long as religious groups melted and fused history talk about the prophets and massengers whom were fought by Jews .. The Jews are the killers and fighters against of prophets and .. they fought Jesus peace be upon him and peace be upon Mary ,Solomon and David and all the prophets,Ibrahim (the father of the prophets and massengers God peace be upon him and them all, who was married to Hagar the Egyptian, who had including Ismail, who belongs to them ,the Semitist who are in fact Arab.. All the lies promoted by the Jews misnomer and mixed in with some semblance of truth and distorted itby their own way of distortance and deformation defined by their history and do not forget what they did with Moses peace be upon him ... and stall the debate and manipulating .. is key to their conduction and people are more adept at that. .. they were properly God's chosen people, but where they are after the wrath of God on them .. How to be the chosen people of God and they were upset by the wrath of God to them ... and they said we were in Palestine 300 years and once they say from 5 thousand years .. Jews of that era melted with other civilizations, and was part of other people and they have no homeland and no country so they do not like and did not accept anything was given to them, including God... Then came Jesus peace be upon him Famen them security and a lie of them lie do not convince me one entitlement to the Arab lands and does not create a Jewish state and only then each religion in the world appeals and call for a nation then and to established a country for them.It is clear that the Arabs and Muslims denounce the criminal terrorist acts of aggression inhumane of Zionism and Judaism that there are many Jews who denounce their actions against the Palestinians, humanity, and should be noted that Jewish immigrants to the Arab lands by Israel is seeking Jewish entity in the occupied Arab grabbed and territories are illegal migration I address these words to the minds and consciences, and I am neutral I am not writing this out of being an Egyptian or Arab or Muslim, but I'm not with anyone hostile to any religious faith, and I think in the Western world and the East with the agreement,‎what did you do against Hitler? do we call you terrorists or on the contrary, wariors and brave people to defend your countries correct your attitude western governments.peoples are the same all over the world but governments are big liars Bush and Toni plier and most of the media people all over the world should reconsider thier attitudes and thoughts. Insult me but don't insult my mother,father or prophet The good thing that we agree on something and since we agree with that, what did the heads of the West and on the administration and in particular Denmark and the general Western States and the Netherlands, France and England when it was insulting to Muslims and the messenger of God..If there is any insult can be to the misled muslims and wrongdoer..hence I can consider the write is good understanding and intelligent person but to address your insult to a person who is not existed and to describe him traits that was not in him is unfair and please tell me who is the smartest the one who deal with me and insult me or the one who deals with me and insults my mother ,father or grand pa or ma. They said of course that is satisfactory to their own liking, and if their people and children, Arabs and Muslims can believe what they said They said freedom of the press .... Is it permissible to allow our press to the detriment of other religions and other nationalities is a response to their own liking, and another is that I am racist and backward .. who is the backward ,then.
Where is the United Nations Secretary was concerned, unfortunately, in the illusions and dreams of sleep again there waer decrees on 1948,1949 and 2004 concerning the case of Palastine but it is a conspiracy against the people of Palastine since 1886 and came to light 1912,1916,1920 and 1946 and48 . to everyone ,please check history and make your mind.It is very ironic that the West is making the wars and strife in the world, and do not forget the Crusades and the barbarism of war, while the Islamic civilization was flourishing love and peace and goodwill.France occupied Morocco. Egypt and Sudan was occupied by the English,some of the levant and Palestine and was the cause of the weakness and corruption and the deterioration of the Ottoman state the most of the country was occupied by the Arab Islamic.through that all, which was the Balfour Declaration was an agreement and in particular the West of England to set up a homeland for the Jews and they come from all over Europe in the form of bands,they destroyed and burned and destroyed the owners of the land and expelled the homes owners and farms farmers in Palestine. continuing to support Jews people and promised them to establish a home country on the account of Arabs out of the grudge of the west to Arabs and to expliot the wealth of Arabs.even fought wars were fought and where many of the Arabs and the manipulation did not forget the corrupt sale of arms in the war of 1948.Moreover,The west and Americans taught and educated their successive generations in Europe and America on the wrong knowledge and to show a forgery of history but history is not what is taught in your schools text books not published in your newspapers is only the facts alleged lack of understanding of the West, the Arabs until they are the ones who do not understand the Arabs if you want to. and understanding the meaning of life, including for at least a month and I am fully confident that you will adore(love them). how you are trying to install in Israel in Palestine whereas deprive the Palastinian of their rights in their lands, this history has been forged Jews believe in the last decade, including the battle between the Muslims and that is racist barbarism and American leaders and the West, not their own battles and Arab despised them all in the Arab world don't like you now.Don't be proud of our leaders treatment and behaviour, we also love people all peoples and all departments, but we are about to hate the American and Westerns for What they have done and have been doing to us Arabs and Muslims in Palestine and Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan and Pakistan, Sudan, Lebanon, West was a devil for us, divide us, we are Arabs, and where the rulers of Arabs they are absent now they are wrong .We Arab have been orderd and commanded by our prophet to be patient with our rulers this culture is not available in west because God and His Messenger told us to be obedience unles they became unbliever (disbeliever) as the only case we fight them.
 Is it not strange that French President Sarkozy's deplores and condemns Ahmadi nejad on Holocaust and never hear his voice when they when people have to voice our Prophet Quran and saying what they said out of ignorance and hatred and malice and stupidity. God's heaven, and right and justice and the right to tell me the right Ayham the brunt Wasp that the Messenger of religion and the right and believes in the billions of human beings and there is no doubt that Mohammed is the real Prophet of Muslims.what I like to say about the Holocaust considered a destination and everyone knows that the Holocaust existed, but not in the form promoted by the Jews and the West.Millons died in Algeria and every Arab country has nearly the same ,surprisingly none speak it aloud It is a history now no grudge but it was real facts. Palastine being under an occupation of iIsraeli forces that is supported by America and west does not mean that this situation is right or correct.
 Shame on us all peoples of the world and leaders to be on this date and time in the 21st century and have an occupation what civilization and modern technology do we talk about.Do we laugh at ourselves. When he talks, Minister of Defense and British Foreign Minister,I feel that either the child or children that he was addressing the perceived to a naive also assasinating people and genocide is not praised by anyone of this world.Forging passports and using it for killing people makes nations hates these nationalities.oppressing and allowing aggression makes haterd people and manufacturing terrorists who have a point of view that they defending their right or dignity .people thoughts and beliefs are not the same whether there some wide lines can be the same.
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