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I welcome all followers .I would like to thank you all for following it and highly appreciate your comments and sharing ideas .your comments and sharing is as a support to me .My goal is to defend my rights and any others' right ,making the necessarily changes by all means that is available to me in my country and the whole world to make our life better and for better world.invite your friends to help stop of all sorts of crimes against humanity (I hope to make a universal day to release all political and opinion detainees 25 of April ) to join our students brothers in Russia on this day struggling for a protest for the politiacl prisoners.دفاعا عن المظلومين و المقهورين و حقوق الانسان و الجرائم ضد الانسانيه فى العالم و فى عالمنا العربى خاصة و مصر.قد تشارك هذه المدونه مع اصدقائك او تتبعها فلا تستهين بمشاركتك بتعليق فى دقيقه قد يساهم فى انقاذ افراد او فئات او احيانا ملايين من العالم اشكركم ايجابيتكم فى العمل الحقوقى مع العلم ان هذه المدونه متصله مباشرة فور التعليق او النشر بالعديد من المنظمات الحقوقيه العالميه

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Don't insult my intelligence لا تهين تفكيرى

استبعد الدكتور مفيد شهاب وزير الشؤون القانونية والمجالس النيابية المصري القيادي في الحزب الوطني الحاكم إجراء تعديل في الدستور الذي يطالب به البعض، وقال "إن هذا أمر غير مطروح في الوقت الحالي، وأن انشغال الحزب ينصب على الانتخابات البرلمانية التي تجري هذا العام، وليس على الانتخابات الرئاسية المقرر لها العام المقبل".
وأضاف شهاب في رده على أسئلة صحيفة "الشرق الأوسط" اللندنية التي نشرت الحوار في عددها اليوم الأحد، حول انتقادات بأن الحزب الحاكم يحتكر السلطة، بقوله "إن الحزب لا يريد أن يبقى محتكرا للسلطة في مصر بأغلبية كبيرة، وأن أحزاب المعارضة عليها أن تعمل وتنشط ليكون لها تمثيل في البرلمان والمجالس المحلية بأكثر مما هو عليه الآن"، مشيرا إلى أن إنهاء حالة الطوارئ في البلاد يتطلب إصدار قانون لمكافحة الإرهاب.
وعما إذا كانت قضية التعديلات الدستورية مطروحة الآن قال شهاب: "لا ليست مطروحة الآن لسبب بسيط، وهو أن آخر تعديلات دستورية تمت منذ ثلاث سنوات فقط، ولما كانت الدساتير تتمتع بقدر من الاستقرار، فإنه لا يتصور أن يتم التعديل كل سنتين أو ثلاث.
وأوضح شهاب أن الدستور لا يتم تعديله إلا في فترات متباعدة حتى يتمتع بالقدر الكبير من الاستقرار باعتباره لا يحتوي إلا على المبادئ والتوجهات العامة، وهذه المبادئ لا تتغير سنويا، وإنما لابد، حتى نعيد النظر فيها، أن يكون قد حصلت تحولات اجتماعية أو سياسية كبيرة تقتضي إعادة النظر في هذه المبادئ.
وقال: "الدستور المصري جرى تعديله مرتين في السنوات الخمس الأخيرة"، وتابع موضحا أنه من المبادئ العامة أن يتمتع الدستور بقدر من الاستقرار، وليس من الممكن كلما جاءت مجموعة من عشرة أو خمسة عشر أو عشرين أو مئة أو ألف شخص، وقالوا نريد أن نعدل الدستور، فنعدله بهذا يصبح الدستور معرضا للتعديل كل خمسة أو ستة أشهر.وحول ما يثار من لغط عن أن الحزب الحاكم في مصر يحتكر السلطة، وأن للمزيد من المعلومات ادخل الى هذا الرابط  :
The writing in green is mine
A PhD Dr. university  must be honest I doubt in the scientific certificates as long as could lie and hypocriste .. This is not the world of ethics or scholar or even a researcher.Also prophet Mohammed when asked "does a muslim lie ? ,he responded."Never" by all means and measures no respections to those who lie and dare to say it abrubty.
Dr. Mufid Shehab, Minister of Legal Affairs and Parliamentary Councils Egyptian leadership in the ruling National Democratic Party an amendment to the constitution demanded by the other and said, "This is unlikely in the present timeCand this what I was talking about in my blog here, and that the party concerns on the parliamentary elections this year, and on the presidential election scheduled for next year. "
Shahab added in response to questions from the newspaper "Middle East" of London published the dialogue in today's edition on Sunday, about the criticism that the ruling party's monopoly on power, saying "The party does not want to remain monopolized power in Egypt, a large majority. opposition parties have to work and be more active to have representation in parliament and local councils more than it is now( This faq information can not be accepted especially when a man like Mofid Shehap as a Ph.Dr. that must be more honst in telling facts,However,the last parliamentary election the national ruling party won only 134 seats at the Parliament ,but the other number of members were added later on just to have the majority ..noteworthy here some of the party members when they won the election they promised the people of their terretory circl that they are independent nominees and they don't belong the national party ,in addition to the forgied voices during the election,finally,the national party gathers people who are rich or make them rich by some privildge of their powers and those people use mney to buy voice of those who do not have what is enough for their living ), "pointing out that ending the state of emergency in the country requires the issuance of a law to combat terrorism (As I made it clear  before that the Egyptian society has no terrorists to force such laws ).
And whether the issue of constitutional amendments on the table now Shihab said: "No not now on the table for the simple reason is that the last constitutional amendments have been only three years ago and, since the constitutions have some stability, he does not imagine that being the amendment every two or three.
The Shahab-that the Constitution is not amended only at distant intervals to enjoy the large amount of stability as containing only broad principles and guidelines( The constitutional law was amended after a refrundum,but Mubark laughed at the Egyptians to tailor such 76 article and modify the article 88 for the judiciary supervision over the elections so that amendment was illegal to impose such an articl ), these principles do not change annually (Why not as it is the Egyptian people communities demand), but we must, so we considered, to have obtained social changes or major political require review of these principles.
He said: "The Egyptian Constitution has been amended twice in the last five years," he continued, pointing out that a general principle that has a constitution, a measure of stability, it is not possible as, a group of ten or fifteen or twenty or a hundred or a thousand people, and they want to amend the the Constitution, the Constitution was Vnadelh this exhibition adjusted every five or six months.
And about what is being said of the clamor that Egypt's ruling party monopoly on power, and that the vast majority of the members of parliament and local councils of the ruling party, Shihab said: "We are the majority party and if the people at all times keep the majority party, this assessment by the people who I am concerned is to be assured is this majority that take the majority of the party is entitled Yes or No Do you efficiently up to the elements or accessible to illegal means, and thus confidence of the majority party is the confidence came from the people. "
And on the readiness of the anti-terrorism law to replace the state of emergency, "said Shihab," The end state of
Falsifying facts and not telling the truth ,trying to contain the worldwide opinion ,they are trying hard to darken and mislead the world publics opinion ...,but we are in Egypt are inocent of all said by Shehab and the ruling party leaders ...even Egyptian judiciary the justice minister is a member of the  national  democratic ruling party and is not elected ,but nominated by the ruler and the ruler is his boss at the same time ....So radical changes needed in Egyptian legistlations and amendment needed in the constution  ...76,77,88 are the least demand  of the Egyptians for the time being and also the abolishment of the emergency law
These are crimes against a nation who lived more than 60 years  the life of supprestion in addition to some of the secrte organized group by the state the penterate every citizen's life ...

Masryonline News ,2 May 2010 labour protest in Cairo,Tomorrow is the political protest that might be bloody one

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