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I welcome all followers .I would like to thank you all for following it and highly appreciate your comments and sharing ideas .your comments and sharing is as a support to me .My goal is to defend my rights and any others' right ,making the necessarily changes by all means that is available to me in my country and the whole world to make our life better and for better world.invite your friends to help stop of all sorts of crimes against humanity (I hope to make a universal day to release all political and opinion detainees 25 of April ) to join our students brothers in Russia on this day struggling for a protest for the politiacl prisoners.دفاعا عن المظلومين و المقهورين و حقوق الانسان و الجرائم ضد الانسانيه فى العالم و فى عالمنا العربى خاصة و مصر.قد تشارك هذه المدونه مع اصدقائك او تتبعها فلا تستهين بمشاركتك بتعليق فى دقيقه قد يساهم فى انقاذ افراد او فئات او احيانا ملايين من العالم اشكركم ايجابيتكم فى العمل الحقوقى مع العلم ان هذه المدونه متصله مباشرة فور التعليق او النشر بالعديد من المنظمات الحقوقيه العالميه

Friday, April 9, 2010

A crime against humanity

Another violation to the humanity to be a crime against humanity done by the Egyptian police to the young kids ,the youth 6 April movement,who are supposed the flower of the youth of my country.after what the security police done by terrifying the young people were peacefully protesting for the change of the constitutional law and cease the status of the emergency law and terrified their families with a threat to them to torture them and put them in prison ,in addition to beating them in the streets brutaly and savagely in a barbarian way.Moreover,a police officer forced "Abd Al Rahman Fares" to take off all his clothes and the even the inner ones completely nuke in front of others.....Abd El Ra hman ,says :,"I don't feel humilated when beated,detaining and insulting me,but I felt the humality when I was nuke in front of my femal colleague "Janet". and the same story was done to the femal Girl "Janet",but a femal officer asked her to be nuke and began to play on all her body on the excusr that they were looking for a memory card that that the girl had never had. this story has been told by Kerry Gergus . I feel ashamed of my interior police and ministry that done what is banned internationally to our kids who are still college students.Believe me weaping and screaming,writing this so I ask anyone reads this to do all his effort to stop such offenses and crimes against humanity

Any offenses can be forgivable,but for being a liar

Human rights watch and Latimes had a report from the Egyptian ministry of interior that they only arrested 33 person who throw stones on officers and then those 33 persons were already released.Later,the foriegn affairs spokesman condmned the American's one for the statement that had been given in this raspect. Thre arrested people were more than 90 persons ,some of them were humilated,abused and beaten even girls Egypt : 6th April Aftermath : Interior Ministry Floods Newspapers With Lies Police Repression Began Early Morning. Many Detainees Are Still Held in Despite Prosecution Release Orders Cairo, April 8, 2010 The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information said , today, that the statement of the Egyptian interior ministry issued on Wednesday, April 7, contained many lies and false information, in order to cover up for the shameful crimes committed by security forces against unarmed civilians who just marched out to express their refusal of extending the state of emergency enforced on Egypt 29 years ago. The interior ministry started its statement with an unashamed lie, saying that the police acted violently only after being hit by stones. No citizen did throw any stones , as there were no stones or hard objects found in Tahrir sq. or Kasr AlAini street. In essence , beating people up and dragging them on the streets started early morning of 6th April in both Cairo and Alexandria The ministry said it had already banned a day before the protest organized by April 6 movement, which it also says is illegal. The ministry maintained that its supresssion of the demonstration was not contrary to freedom of expression because the issue of reform is already being extensively discussed by the opposition parties. New York-based Human Rights Watch on Wednesday condemned the "lawless brutality" with which authorities dispersed demosntrators, saying that 91 people had been detained. This is a violation to the Egyptian constitutional law article(54) in the constitutional law : to the right of citizens to the special meeting quietly and unarmed and without the need for perior notice and may not be attended by security men in these private meetings. And public meetings, processions and gatherings shall be permitted within the law. Egyptian adminstration will not remove the emergency state and if this happened will be only on papers with the help of another terrorist law state as an alternative one.The Egyptian political people,ministers,busnessmen and leaders confisicated the publics opinions with all tools they have as an conspiracy against the majority of the Egyptian people and laws were set only for the help of only those the forementioned people in the Egyptian life.They use the mass media for their own interests on the expense of the majority of the Egyptian people.the use the police and army to control , subdue , suppress and oppress the majority even the constitusional law needs a great deal of changes but the government and leaders likely thugs abruptly announce that it will never be changed.millions of people in Egypt gathers signatures to the modification of the article 76 just to allow people to have the opportunity to enroll in the next presidency election. Here after are some of the names of the detainees that still at the hand of the police who are threatened not to do that again and the threat is to their families to to terrify the family and the youth people of expressing their rights: Ahmed Ibrahim Ahmed Awad - Mohamed Awad (Mataria) - Ahmed Doma (Damanhour) - Ahmed Mahmoud Abdel-Salam (Oseem) - Roman Samuel Gabriel (still being held, Department of the caliph and will be deported from Cairo to Sohag on Saturday) - Mohammed Naji Abdel-Maksoud (Sharkia) - Mohammed Memon - Abdul Rahman Said - Mohamed Sayed Gomaa - Muhammad Shukri - Mahmoud Yassin (Kafr El-Sheikh

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