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I welcome all followers .I would like to thank you all for following it and highly appreciate your comments and sharing ideas .your comments and sharing is as a support to me .My goal is to defend my rights and any others' right ,making the necessarily changes by all means that is available to me in my country and the whole world to make our life better and for better world.invite your friends to help stop of all sorts of crimes against humanity (I hope to make a universal day to release all political and opinion detainees 25 of April ) to join our students brothers in Russia on this day struggling for a protest for the politiacl prisoners.دفاعا عن المظلومين و المقهورين و حقوق الانسان و الجرائم ضد الانسانيه فى العالم و فى عالمنا العربى خاصة و مصر.قد تشارك هذه المدونه مع اصدقائك او تتبعها فلا تستهين بمشاركتك بتعليق فى دقيقه قد يساهم فى انقاذ افراد او فئات او احيانا ملايين من العالم اشكركم ايجابيتكم فى العمل الحقوقى مع العلم ان هذه المدونه متصله مباشرة فور التعليق او النشر بالعديد من المنظمات الحقوقيه العالميه

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Democratic & Human rights report تقرير عن حقوق الانسان و الديموقراطيه

The reduction in the status of democracy and detrioration of it in Egypt witnessed a noticeable decline, and unprecedented at any time  or any country in the world where this decline is increased in the following offenses of members of the People's Assembly in the Egyptian Parliament, which ranged from violations of the law , constitutional and ethical,  reflected in raising shoes in one of the sessions and of insulting the religion and insult the people in the meetings whereas the best known of  such offens Schuber and Boutros-Ghali, the condemnation of the demonstrators and inciting the demonstrators to open fire on at them and add to this deal very roughness of the Interior Ministry with the peaceful protesters demanding political rights for the degree of abusing them, and overwhlem them and their arrest accompanied with fabrication of charges against them and pursue them in their homes and threaten them, their families and neighbours.
A clash of the NDP member Abdul Rahim al-Ghoul with protesters before the people and added to the cooperation of university security and management with the Interior Ministry against students politically active and ambushes them and pick fights to torment them and arrest them either from within the campus or from outside the university, as happened at the University of Menouf tens were arrested , Alexandria (still Tarek Khedr in their capture) and the arrest of the student Tareq Khader, and many of the students in engineering, medicine and trade Menouf addition to the arbitrary action against students and female students in college of Commerce in Cairo to stop them and deprive them of exam to punish them for their involvement in political activities ,(59 students were deprived of entering the exam and they raised a file to the court still waiting the result) .
This exacerbated when the police  assaulted on girls and the young youth physically and sexually by security men and fabrication of charges for each as was the case with Ahmed Doma,(Bahae saber and some girls ) as accused of beating 13 officers and some other assistants of them this young skinny and has been the use of these security strategy with Ahmed always, as stated above and used by security officers, the interior minister said in remarks to them about what happened on April 6 and was published in the Los Angeles and wrote the report by American Human Rights Watch  when you follow the events stated Spokesman of the Ministry of Interior said that the demonstrators attacked 13 or 14 officers and this  is the same number which Ahmed Domma was accused of  also on May 3, and so They tried to cover a new solution that the argument of many members of the National Party and House of representatives belonging to the National Party who were fighting and beating  6 April movement youth on last 6 April ,but this plot rapidly retreated and it was said  that the security men in the costume of an informal and those who were seen on April 6 kidnapping some of the demonstrators and beat demonstrators badly and brutally making no difference between the protesters  women, girls or boy or old man or a journalist or media men .
Then the government  and the NDP tried to find the justification for what happened in the demonstration, said by some of the NDP on TV programs that those who were in civilian clothes were men who are  National Party who love their country .. and this means that the demonstrators are the enemies and haters of their country ... and this is a historical precedent .
As to the Assiut 20 person had been arrested from members of a Sufi group, known Ahmadis in the village of Doronka. and very unfortunate in the trial of a cell of Zaytoon shouted the people and told the court that there was an officer behind the podium, threatening a witness by slaughtering him, how do they get this officer in the podium and what is happening in the judiciary.
As for the Interior Ministry authorities we have fellowship This report where he  arrested  many people before 6 April and visitors at dawn in Mahalla, and several provinces and pursuits of many citizens they arrested shortly before 6 of April hundreds of people from all Egyptian governorates as well as encroaching on the lawyer in jail while visiting his client and not allow him to visit his client and also the detainee 's family not to visit him.
The fabrication of charges It's prevalent all political activists and and lack of commitment by the Minister of Interior of judicial sentences, where the arrest of Mr. Taha Hamdi, is a journalist has been following the victims of the floods in  Aswan without charge and has not been released, and to be secret prisons .  Also the arrest of Baha Fazzaa and was acquitted and sentenced him eliminate his release he was arrested before he could reach his house, and re-trial, 7 times each time they are acquitted, but the Minister of Interior did not comply with the provisions of the judiciary.
As for the corruption of the Ministry of the Interior, the inquisitorial system, which is based on their rule in the Egyptian judiciary system is corrupted, as it lacks the professional , lacks knowledge ,lacks the experience and expertise and finally to whom pay more ..
Also they (The government and NDP)wanted to get complete control on the Lawyre Union the Chairman of it is a NDP and they wanted to pass a law in the parliament to tailor a new status of the next one .Eng.Union is frozen. Pharmacies Union is corrupted by their thug and secret agents to sabotage the union .
The right to peaceful assembly and demonstration .. A right given by the Constitution and international conventions .. and prevent warnings ,but the Interior Ministry insists on the arbitrariness of a misunderstanding of the law and warn the demonstrators that he doesn't accept their letter of information of their protest ,also to redetain the people judged by the court to be releases .he issues a detaining letter such as in case of Bahaa Fazzaa who is judged to be released more than 7 times and he is still detained..When we review the international conventions, which are of the right to peaceful assembly as one of the most important rights as well as review the texts of the Egyptian Constitution and the provisions of the Egyptian judiciary in that it becomes clear to us legal error, which was signed by the Ministry of the Interior when he insisted that the rejection of applications to allow demonstrations is a legitimate right and no right to the Ministry of Interior  to refuse the right to demonstrate and not legally to refuse and that the culture of the Ministry of Interior in meditation with the politicians demonstrators  is much distress, violence and repression, terror until its dealings with the soldiers and they are at least the rank of improper and inhumane when we see in some demonstrations by some officer pushes the soldiers twords the protesters as if they were animals also they amke a siege around the protesters not to protect them but to isolate them from others who wants to join them in to weaken them  The Egyptian government and its genius thinkers in their way to find a lawful case of condmning Dr.Baradae and his supporters ,when arrested 8 persons afew days ago and their conviction was signatures and forms...but in the court they tried to call them a banned group as they called Muslim brotherhood group before and the whole world believed them and made Muslims as symbols of terrorism ...It is the government that needed a trial.

The Egyptian security police officer is promoted by nomeric production of cases and files he made no matter how or the quality. so they fabricate charges and crimes to many people everyday ...not only political it is a methodological way to terrify people ...It is very obvious to every citizen at all standard in Egypt that every officer has some knives ,daggars,...packets of hash,opium..etc in his closet or drawer to fabricate crimes to innocent people. judges and attorneys know this....!    Every person in Egypt know this. Mubarak knows.Ministers know ....and everyday people are driven to the court ...maybe they do not be prisoned ,but bailed ...same people are arrested everywhile then they became recorded criminals because they are ignorant and or unemployed and or very poor ...this is always done because of the emergency law. It is not strange  that it happens to see someone seaches some young youth ...self searching without any warranty or permission of the judiciary  in the streets and if you are a human right activist and tried to correct this they arrest you as you attacked a government employee durng his doing his job .......not only political it is a methodological way to terrify people ..
Finally some of the photos here are for the security police when beating workers who claimed their rights ...this happend 3 days ago and the Egyptian government took a decission not to all anyone to protest his rights ...they forbade all people to protest

ان تراجع حالة الديموقراطيه الذى تشهده مصر تراجعا ملحوظا و غير مسبوق فى اى فترة زمنيه و لا اى دوله فى العالم حيث ان هذا التراجع يتلخص فى النقاط التاليه تزايد مخالفات اعضاء مجلس الشعب و التى تراوحت ما بين مخالفات قانونيه و دستوريه و اخلاقيه و يتضح ذلك فى رفع احد النواب الحذاء فى احد الجلسات و سب الدين و سب المواطنين فى جلسات اخرى و اشهرها شوبير و بطرس غالى , الادانات للمتظاهرين وتحريض الامن على المتظاهرين باطلاق النار عليهم و يضاف الى ذلك التعامل الشديد الخشونه من وزارة الداخليه مع المتظاهرين السلميين المطالبين بالحقوق السياسيه لدرجة الاعتداء عليهم و سحلهم و القبض عليهم و تلفيق التهم ضدهم و ملاحقتهم فى منازلهم و تهديدهم واشتباك عبد الرحيم الغول مع متظاهرين امام مجلس الشعب و يضاف الى ذلك تعاون الامن فى الجامعات و الاداره مع وزارة الداخليه ضد الطلبه النشطين سياسيا و نصب كمائن لهم و افتعال المشاجرات للتنكيل بهم و القبض عليهم اما من داخل الحرم الجامعى او من خارجه كما حدث فى جامعة منوف و الاسكندريه و القبض على الطالب طارق خضر و العديد من الطلبه فى هندسة وطب و تجارة منوف بالاضافه الى الاجراء التعسفى ضد الطلبه و الطالبات فى تجارة القاهرة بمنعهم و حرمانهم من دخول الامتحان عقابا لهم لاشتراكهم فى الانشطة السياسيه و عددهم 59 طالب و طالبه .هذا و زاد الوضع سوءا عندما تم الاعتداء على البنات و الاشخاص بدنيا و جنسيا من قبل رجال الامن و تلفيق التهم لبعضهم كما حدث مع احمد دوما و اتهامه بضرب 13 ضابط و بعض المساعدين لهم هذا الشاب النحيف و تم استخدام هذه الاستراتيجيه الامنيه مع احمد دوما كما سبق و استخدمها رجال الامن ووزير الداخليه فى تصريحات لهم عن ما حدث فى 6 ابريل و تم نشر ذلك فى جريدة لوس انجلوس و كتب التقرير منظمة هيومان ووتش الامريكيه عند متابعتهم للاحداث فقد ذكر المتحدث الرسمى لوزارة الداخليه ان المتظاهرين تعدوا على 13 او 14 ضابط و هو نفس العدد الذى تم اتهام احمد دوما به ايضا يوم 3 مايو و هكذا كان يوج لتلك المقوله كثيرا من رجال الحزب الوطنى و النواب المنتمين للحزب الوطنى اما بخصوص رجال الامن فى زى غير رسمى و الذين شوهدوا فى 6 ابريل باختطافهم بعض المتظاهرين و سحلهم و ضربه المتظاهرين لا فرق عندهم بين متظاهر امراة , بنت او ولد او رجل كبير او صحفى او اعلامى..حاول رجال الحزب الوطنى ان يجدوا مبرر لما حدث فى المظاهرة قالوا فى احد البرامج التليفزيونيه ان هؤلاء الذين كانوا فى الزى المدنى هم رجال الحزب الوطنى المحبين لبلدهم ..و يعنى ذلك ان المتظاهرين هم الاعداء و الكارهين لبلدهم ...و هذه سابقه تاريخيه و سرعان ما عدلو عنها بعد ان تكلم عنها العالم .اما بالنسبه لاسيوط فقد تم القبض على 20 شخص من افراد احدى الطرق الصوفيه المعروفه بالاحمديه فى بقريه درنكه.و من المؤسف جدا فى محاكمة خلية الزيتون صرخ الاهالى وقالوا للمحكمة إن هناك ضابطا خلف المنصة يهدد الشاهد بالذبح فكيف يصل هذا الضابط عند المنصة و ماذا يحدث فى القضاء .اما بخصوص سلطات وزارة الداخليه فلنا هذا التقرير حيث تم القبض و اعتقال الكثيرين قبل 6 ابريل و زوار الفجر فى المحله الكبرى و عدة محافظات و مطاردات للكثير من المواطنين ...و كذلك التعدى على محامى فى سجن طرى و عدم السماح له بزياره موكله و لا لاهله زيارته و تلفيق التهم اصبح الامر السائد لكل النشطاء السياسيين و و عدم التزام وزير الداخليه بالاحكام القضائيه حيث القبض على الاستاذ طه حمدى و هو صحفى كان يتابع متضررى السيول فى اسوان دون اى اتهام و لم يتم الافراج عنه و السجون السريه مازالت متواجده فى مصر و بعد القبض على بهاء فزاع و تم تبرئته و حكم له القضاء باخلاء سبيله تم اعتقاله قبل ان يصل الى بيته و اعاد المحاكمة 7 مرات كل مرة يتم تبرئته و لكن وزير الداخليه لا يلتزم باحكام القضاء. اما عن فساد وزارة الداخليه فان نظام التحريات التى يقوم على اساس منه الحكم فى القضاء المصرى هو نظام فاسد حيث انه يفتقر الى المهنيه و يفتقر الى العلم و يفتقر الى الخبرة و الخبرات و اخيرا من يدفع اكثر يكون التقرير فى صالحه و بالتالى القضاء يفسد عندما يلتزم باوراق و تقارير يعلم جيدا انها فاسدة فكيف يلتزم بها.
الحق فى التجمع السلمى والتظاهر.. حق منحه الدستور والمواثيق الدولية ..وتمنعه إنذارات وزارة الداخلية بتعسف و سوء فهم للقانون
عندما نستعرض المواثيق الدولية التى تتعرض للحق فى التجمع السلمى كأحد أهم الحقوق و كذلك نستعرض نصوص الدستور المصرى وأحكام القضاء المصرى فى ذلك يتبين لنا الخطأ القانونى الذى وقعت فيه وزارة الداخلية عندما أصرت على رفض الطلبات المقدمة لها للسماح بالمظاهرات و هو حق مشروع و ليس لوزارة الداخليه الحق فى رفض حق التظاهر و ليس قانونا ان ترفض كما ان ثقافة وزارة الداخليه فى التامل مع المتظاهرين السياسيين يتسم بكثير من الشده و العنف و القمع الارهابى حتى تعاملاتها مع جنودها و هم الاقل رتبه بطريقه غير لائقه و غير ادميه حين نشاهد فى بعض المظاهرات يقوم بعض الضباط بدفع العساكر من الخلف و كأنهم حيوانات

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