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I welcome all followers .I would like to thank you all for following it and highly appreciate your comments and sharing ideas .your comments and sharing is as a support to me .My goal is to defend my rights and any others' right ,making the necessarily changes by all means that is available to me in my country and the whole world to make our life better and for better world.invite your friends to help stop of all sorts of crimes against humanity (I hope to make a universal day to release all political and opinion detainees 25 of April ) to join our students brothers in Russia on this day struggling for a protest for the politiacl prisoners.دفاعا عن المظلومين و المقهورين و حقوق الانسان و الجرائم ضد الانسانيه فى العالم و فى عالمنا العربى خاصة و مصر.قد تشارك هذه المدونه مع اصدقائك او تتبعها فلا تستهين بمشاركتك بتعليق فى دقيقه قد يساهم فى انقاذ افراد او فئات او احيانا ملايين من العالم اشكركم ايجابيتكم فى العمل الحقوقى مع العلم ان هذه المدونه متصله مباشرة فور التعليق او النشر بالعديد من المنظمات الحقوقيه العالميه

Saturday, May 8, 2010

A repeated scene happens everyday مشهد يتكرر كل يوم

This video refers to the siege made by policemen and secrete policemen in plainclothes helped by the employees staff against the students in Menouf unversity which resulted in capturing 3 student in this video ,but this happened many times to arrest 8 students ,13, and 15 
It is my attempt to combat bullying in the world, communities and States as an invitation to the whole world to reconsider all matters internal and external relationships and transactions .. in order to reach a better world Regarding the term "thug or bullying".It has been sparked a lot of controversy recently in the Egyptian and international societies, and since it imposed itself on the phenomenon of existence and become a cancer or a disease rampant worldwide and because of the use of many and widespread in the whole world as it was previously used with lower social classes Is now used to describe some of the businessmen, ministers and governments ... and had to be that I'm trying to define it in my humble opinion, hope that you are participating in the access to identify a specific and comprehensive and so it continued for more specific definitions and meanings, and comprehensive I must try to identify who is thug with the consideration of several aspects as follows:
1 - not a condition that the the thug is a person who is unemployed whereas a lot of thugs are unemployed people , and therefore is not an unemployed person is not always a bully but could be up to the use of thug.
2 - not a condition that the bully or thug illeterated person and did not know reading and writing,whereas I agree many of them are illiterated.
3 - is not a requirement to be registered criminals and one of those who are accustomed to crimes however there are many of themthat was the most of them also
4 - not a condition that the Albultjy from those who use violence in the transactions and that was the most use of violence.
5 - not a condition that the A thug man or an ordinary person can even be an organization or non-governmental organization or government or a government or a state or group of states
6 - not a condition that the a thug is someone or organiation who is out the law, but possible to manipulate the law or taking advantage of his position or with others or hiring used in the law in his thugs
7 - not a condition that the a thug is poor or destitute, but it (he-they) can be the rich
8-not a condition that the thug is the minority and non-government or influential in the community in a society can even be a thug and thugs are the ruling majority and the enacting of laws and influential in all aspects of life in a community villager local civil international, regional or global
9- thugs can never express any religion in the world all religions pray for tolerance, justice and equality and brotherhood, affection and therefore the thug person, group or organization which is deprived of religious and social values and morals which may present in some of them as a only a mask but not impressive the actual and real and active role in behavior
10 - not a condition that the a thug become so because of the absence of law only, but can bullying in a spotty law or that law is not deterrent enough for him or he could circumvent the application of the law to evade the law and run away with his(its-their)crimes
11 - is not a requirement to achieve a Albultjy gains costs, but possible to achieve a Albultjy gains moral or physical or both.
12 - not necessarily to achieve any gains ,A thug only revenge from a person or class, group or community or a state
13 - The thug may be ignorant of their religion, religious group or radical and extreme or class-oriented scientific or social radical racist Ignorance and lack of awareness of ignorance may lead to thug intellectual, religious or economic ..etc
14 - The thug is a person, group or an organization or State or group of countries which use the power to impose certain ideas or systems and policies .. A thug may dependent on physical strength or force of arms or sectarian or political clout to usurp the rights of others and what is not his (their-its)right
Accordingly to the previously mentioned, we get to the parameters for a definition of who is a thug ,but the definition may be later in other writings,or would like to be shared by some individauls I hope to put it and add it, but must talk about the law and sound legislation and follow the standard application of static and without duplication and to blockages the gaps and gaps in, and severe punishment for crimes. religious tolerance and not to attack the religions in the world, countries and communities (Muslims use the word "Fear God" to whom tries to thug or wrongs another or the other can reduce and weaken the influence of thug and thugs at all levels locally, regionally or internationally
محاوله منى لمحاربة البلطجه فى العالم و المجتمعات و الدول ارسلها دعوه الى العالم باسره لاعادة النظر فى كل الامور الداخليه و الخارجيه و العلاقات و التعاملات..بهدف الوصول الى عالم افضل .
نظرا لما اثارت هذه الكلمه الكثير من الجدل فى الاونه الاخيره فى المجتمع المصرى و الدولى و بما انها ظاهرة فرضت نفسها على الوجود و اصبحت كالسرطان او وباء استشرى عالميا و لما لها من استخدام كثير وواسع الانتشار فى العالم باسره حيث انها كانت فى السابق تستخدم مع الطبقات الدنيا من المجتمع . اصبحت تستخدم لتصف بعض رجال الاعمال و الوزراء و الحكومات ...فكان لزاما على ان احاول وضع تعريف لها من وجهة نظرى المتواضعه و اتمنى ان يتم المشاركه فى الوصول لتعريف محدد وشامل لها و كى اصل لاكثر المعانى و التعريفات تحديدا و شمولا يجب ان احاول التعرف على من هو البلطجى من عده اوجه نظر كالتالى:
1-ليس شرطا ان يكون البلطجى هو شخص عاطل عن العمل و ان كان الكثير من البلطجيه هم اناس عاطلين عن العمل و بالتالى فالعاطل عن العمل ليس بلطجى و انما قد يصل الى استخدام البلطجه
2- ليس شرطا ان يكون البلطجى امى و لا يعرف الكتابه او القراءه و ان كان كثيرا منهم اميين.
3-ليس شرطا ان يكون البلطجى ..مسجل خطر و من هؤلاء الذين تعودوا الاجرام و ان كان اكثرهم منهم ايضا
4-ليس شرطا ان يكون البلطجى من هؤلاء الذين يستخدمون العنف فى التعاملات و ان كان اكثرهم يستخدم العنف .
5-ليس شرطا ان يكون البلطجى رجل او شخص عادى بل ممكن ان يكون منظمه او جمعيه غير حكوميه او حكوميه او حكومه او دوله او مجموعة دول.
6-ليس شرطا ان يكون البلطجى خارج على القانون بل ممكن ان يتلاعب بالقانون او استغلال مكانته او بالتعاون مع الاخرين او يوظف القانون او يستخدمه فى اعماله البلطجيه
7-ليس شرطا ان يكون البلطجى فقيرا او معدم بل ممكن يكون من الاغنياء .
8- ليس شرطا ان يكون البلطجى عباره عن اقليه و غير حاكمه او مؤثرة فى المجتمع فى مجتمع ما بل ممكن تكون البلطجه و البلطجيه هم الغالبيه الحاكمه و المشرعه للقوانين والمؤثره فى كل جوانب الحياه فى مجتمع ما قروى مدنى محلى دولى اقليمى او عالمى
9-لايمكن ابدا ان تعبر البلطجه عن اى ديانه فى العالم فكل الديانات تدعوا الى التسامح و العدل و المساوا و الاخاء و الموده و بالتالى فالبلطجى انسان او جماعه او منظمه او دوله مجرد من القيم الدينيه و الاخلاقيهو التى قد يتظاهر بها و انما لا تكون المؤثر الفعلى و الحقيقى و الفاعل فى التصرفات

10- ليس شرطا ان يكون البلطجى يصبح هكذا بسبب غياب القانون فقط و انما يمكنه البلطجه فى وجود القانون الملىء بالثغرات او ان القانون ليس رادعا بما يكفى له او انه يستطيع التحايل على تطبيق القانون عليه و التملص و الهرب
11-ليس شرطا ان يحقق البلطجى مكاسب ماديه بل ممكن ان يحقق البلطجى مكاسب معنويه او ماديه او الاثنين معا.
12-ليس شرطا ان يحقق البلطجى اى مكاسب سوى الانتقام من شخص او فئه او جماعه او مجتمع او دوله
13-قد يكون البلطجى فئه دينيه جاهله بدينها او متشدده و متطرفه او فئه ذات اتجاه علمى او اجتماعى متشدد عنصرى فالجهل و عدم الادراك بالجهل قد يؤدى الى البلطجه الفكريه او الدينيه او الاقتصاديه.
14-البلطجى هو ذلك الشخص او الجماعه او المنظمه او الدوله او مجموعه الدول التى تستخدم قوتها فى فرض بعض الافكار او النظم و السياسات..فالبلطجى قد يعتمد على القوة البدنيه او القوة الطائفيه او السلاح او النفوذ السياسى ليغتصب حقوق الاخرين
و ما هو ليس بحقه
مما سبق ممكن نصل الى محددات لتعريف من هو البلطجى اما التعريف قد يكون لاحقا فى كتابات اخرى او اتمنى لو شاركنى احد فى وضعه و اضافته و لكن يجب ان نتحدث عن ان القانون و التشريعات السليمه و متابعه تطبيقها بمعيار ثابت و دون ازدواجيه و سد كل الفجوات و الثغرات فيه و العقوبات المغلظه على الجرائم و التسامح الدينى و عدم مهاجمة الاديان فى العالم و الدول و المجتمعات (المسلمين يستخدمون كلمة" اتق الله" لكل من يحاول يبلطج او يظلم و يقول محمد رسول الله صلى الله عليه و سلم " ما اخذ بحد الحياء فهو سرقه"صدق رسول الله صلى الله عليه و سلم ) يمكن ان تقلل و تضعف نفوذ البلطجه و البلطجيه على كافة مستوياتها محليا دوليا اقليميا او عالميا.
من هو اذن البلطجى
البلطجى هو سواء كان شخص او جماعه او هيئه او دوله من يحاول يفرض رايه مسغلا الثغرات فى القوانين او مركزه فى تطبيق القانون او التحالف مع مجموعه للحصول على مكاسب اما ماديه او تحقيق اهداف سياسيه او اجتماعيه او اقتصاديه او حتى ارهاب الاخرين
"thugs women" Have strange names such as "evil way" and "Skskp" .. wives their businesses flourished in the Egyptian election season
the parliamentary elections in Egypt in 2005 Turned their season profitable for the unemployed thugs who formed a sort of private companies are run by men or women, often women of the unemployed who are thugs cheered the hour, or extras to attend the caucus, or women recorders harassed ladies supporters for candidates in elections.
And contributed to the phenomenon of opulence fiscal spending to buy votes by some candidates, the rich, what was described as bribes election, with the escalation of unemployment among young men and women Egypt to between 6 and 8 million young people by around 20 -25 per cent of Egyptian workers in an increasing phenomenon on the assumption that a quick and large profits, with up to the bully what he earns from 300 to 500 pounds on election day,Which is equivalent to salary of some staff in a month.
At a time in which it appropriated independent newspapers as saying that "scientific studies", unnamed, with an estimated size of these election bribes to five billion pounds (nearly 820 million dollars), made newspapers and websites such as the location, "the militant electronic Egyptian", the details are nice, some of these groups or private companies that supplied some thugs to terror and intimidation of supporters of one candidate pushing a rival candidate by the thugs to abort it,Or for charitable work such as collecting money or checks from people who refuse to pay their dues.
And most surprisingly, the majority of these gangs or registered dangerous led by the women are divorced complain of ill-treatment of their husbands and their exploitation in the work so bad that others around them to take revenge on the men in the form of adoption of bullying and bullying, in what literary adaptation of the idea of "Bully" or "leader Harafeesh" scattered in the literature Story that appeared in the international Egyptian writer Naguib Mahfouz's novels, which are based on the idea of a person acting as the bully The restoration of rights and protecting the weak against the payment of "royalty" for the bully for his work, but the idea of "Bully" strong ended, replaced by "evil bully".
Najla Lux ".. Al-Basha
"Mohamed El-Sayed," editor in chief of "enthusiasm" says The group of young brothers who were attacked by thugs who had reportedly been hired to strike supporters and supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood in the elections, they gave him an audio tape of some of these thugs have been recorded by accident with someone in Port Said, a yield drunk at the end of election day without feeling,In which he admitted (Bully) of the details important for these groups of thugs being hired with funds in the elections, the text of the dialogue is: the young:
How many were you?.
Bully: We are a large and brightest belong to "Najla Lux"?. Young man: Who is Najla Lux?. Basha: Oh, Pasha, the extent I tell you "Najla is the leader of the largest network  gang.....")?.
Young man: "How much did you gain in return to what you done , because we heard that you overwhelmed Brotherhood!?. Basher: 200 pounds every one of us, but Najla Lux took 500-Basha was the one who delivered the 500 pounds himself, and told her that your turn was the largest in the elections
Young Man: you mean Najla got paid more than you!. Bully: Yes, but we were beaten too and we had some of scarfs in addition to some were taken to hospital of both sides . Young man: treatment at the expense of whom?. Basha: We threat them Al-Basha claimed himself pay for treatment in hospital, "Al-Suleiman" (he refers to the Secretary-general of the party in the constituency).
 Wael Abbas, an editor of "awareness-mail Stresses that" there are a lot of photos and video clips that contained financial agreements between the thugs and ruling party's candidates and delegates, and footage of harassment recorders risk and immorality with girls and women, especially of the Muslim Brotherhood, as well as cars with the thugs with machines acute and swords under the negative security Some called it a "deliberate" and published many of these photographs in local newspapers.
It does not stop at Najla lux in Port Said, but extended to large geographical areas most Egyptian governorates, and between day and night Bully and thugs became a(rare coin) in the election season and will be selected depending on demand and quick service, in exchange for meals and a sum of money ranging from 30 to 100 pounds (about 5 - 16 dollars) in popular places and up to 700 pounds in high places or semi-luxury.
And moves the active Mohammad Al Sayed a young Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo as saying that there has been no reaction from the Muslim Brotherhood against some of the harassment by thugs during the first round of the first stage in the legislative elections, "but during the run-off we decided to defend ourselves , and the idea was to configure the "divide and deter the candidates with headquarters" and confront the thugs
and more than this
Without the use of sharp instruments if they are used, which explains what some Muslim Brotherhood leaders, in response to government newspapers have accused of hiring thugs as well, for they are to defend themselves. However, the problem faced by the Muslim Brotherhood youth especially in the provinces most rural counties, are how to proceed with the "Recorder of Arts" from these women who thug

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