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I welcome all followers .I would like to thank you all for following it and highly appreciate your comments and sharing ideas .your comments and sharing is as a support to me .My goal is to defend my rights and any others' right ,making the necessarily changes by all means that is available to me in my country and the whole world to make our life better and for better world.invite your friends to help stop of all sorts of crimes against humanity (I hope to make a universal day to release all political and opinion detainees 25 of April ) to join our students brothers in Russia on this day struggling for a protest for the politiacl prisoners.دفاعا عن المظلومين و المقهورين و حقوق الانسان و الجرائم ضد الانسانيه فى العالم و فى عالمنا العربى خاصة و مصر.قد تشارك هذه المدونه مع اصدقائك او تتبعها فلا تستهين بمشاركتك بتعليق فى دقيقه قد يساهم فى انقاذ افراد او فئات او احيانا ملايين من العالم اشكركم ايجابيتكم فى العمل الحقوقى مع العلم ان هذه المدونه متصله مباشرة فور التعليق او النشر بالعديد من المنظمات الحقوقيه العالميه

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Justice against the ministry of interror and of justice

Justice against the ministry of interror and of justice

Friday, February 26, 2010

The Egyptian police ruins the life and career of the Egyptians

Statement the Center for Victims of Human Rights expresses on the face of grave concern by the police and the SSIS in Alexandria by arresting dozens of students at Alexandria University, belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood in the early hours of dawn on Friday, 26 February Against the background of organizing the students for a demonstration inside the campus to denounce the attack guards of college against students with sticks and chairs with the approval of the Dean of the Faculty of Arts, University of Alexandria to prevent them from gathering donations to buy units of breathing to the University Hospitals the Center disapproval of the actions the police provoked the students to where the security services raided the homes of 14 students were arrested on 5 students without having to produce them permission from the judiciary authorities violation of article 40 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, which provides "No one shall be arrested or detaining any person except by order of the competent authorities and the law, and must be treated in a manner that preserves his human dignity can not be harmed physically or morally" Was also arrested on 8 of the parents of a group of students who are not at home during the raid hostage to ensure the delivery of students themselves, which is against the law and punishable under the Penal Code in Article 280 (each of any person arrested or imprisoned or detained without a warrant a referee specialists in other conditions so that any of the laws and regulations to arrest people with compromised punishable by imprisonment or a fine not exceeding two hundred pounds) It also is contrary to article IX of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which states that "no person may be arrested any person or arbitrary detention or exile." Stresses that the Center for Victims're moving lawsuits against the officers who arrested the students and their parents detained as hostages and claim their detention and compensation material the degree of students and people from material and moral damage. this was a translation from this link

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The events of Mahalla Al Kubra and the illusion of bullying

The events of Mahalla Al Kubra and the illusion of bullying I used to be in my shop in Medan el shoon(El shoon square) in Mahala and I found the crowd during the protest and indignation from the masses and young people and some elderly people in Mahala and there was some Youth who were in a rage of anger of the situation and most of whom were not highly educated and cultured began insulting President Hosni Mubarak and this is what I deplore them because calling him bad names and verbal appeal is outrageous, but not out of people fill their hearts of hatred and rancor and hatred whichever is their right, it is not right to insult the President and if the right thing to say it maybe I agreed with them, but I disagreed with them in a shameful and obscene words, which was using by them . However, what I was very much regreting that there would be a governor of a self-employed guard dogs with no difference between the nearby and strange, and not an enemy and when kin or relative, one waving his hand to him the Interior Ministry guard dogs are those which brought the danger and the owners of registered bad records that the policemen used to use them for bullying in election times and such events to upside down the creteria and standards those thug,musceles work and bullying people brought by the police plundered and stole and destroy, and rioting and killing, even in the masses on the one hand and on the other hand the people provoked the beating and shooting them without any warning and thus arose the masses, and made a cardoon siege around the demonestraters that scattered in the streets and alleys and killed what the could , wounded what the could to wound , arrested what the could to arrest of the people who pay taxes and toil so that the ruling would serve them and the police did not rule over them.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Egyptian corruption starts with the police

I was the first to open in Mobile phone field, maintenance, and was the most well known and famous in the neighborhood of Mahala town in the western province in Egypt and at Mahalla Kubra itself,That I have excelled in the maintenance and devised ways to work in maintenance owing to the lack of tools and possibilities in the Egyptian market and the world since 1999.Happened to me, bullying and musceles work by the Egyptian police voilating and preaching the constiutional laws articles No 1,41,42,45,50,57,64,65,66 an 68 , by detaining me for 3 days without any accusation and any conviction by the the court or judiciary torturing me once in the second day this was at late 2003 .after four months of all their abusement and blackmailing me. I filed a report and statment to the court but the police people were still abusing and chasing me every minute of the day for months because the procrator couldn't stop them and told e he could not help me I sent a telegram to minister of interror who never answer or reply my telegram until now.The internal culture of the people in Egypt, unfortunately,lawyers were not as positive in many occasions the government and the irrogancy of the police forced them to be so weak and ignorant. and so far the police men have caused my reputation defamation and loss that came off and cuased me to be in debts because of them thousands of pounds and after payment of debt this took me more than for years in pains, it was the most difficult issues facing the people, even if one was fighting in a battle in war time is more mercifull than what happened or the best to be prisoned. The following was not reported yet: In late 2006 my shop has been stolen in Mahala in the square of Abed Rabbo at Medan El Shoon square near a Abed Rabbo mosque I made a report at the police station devision the second that did not do the necessary investigation and after a short period I've got caught of the thief with the help of my neighbors who had cut his scalp injuries it and was rushed to a hospital where the police took him from there the same day, by officers of the second Mahala police station before his getting fully cured or remdied. Thus after some days he brought the majority of the stolen mobile phones from his house which I did not receive until after the measures and therefore gone to the prosecution,there at the court yard to my surprise and what striked me that he was a witness to the theft and do not know how, but not surprising to manipulation by the police, while they did not give me the issue number of my report Which made me for a period of not less than 8 days inside or outside the department of the police so as not to lose the case or be lost. In the yard waiting to go to court in order to receive devices that had been stolen and to delivere them to their owners as I was only having them to be repaired, and after the prosecution proceedings were conducted in a building complex went to the courts and I received the equipment but were not complete and signed on a paper I did not know why and what was written, but no problems from that. A testimony to this incidense could be by the owner of the house that I rented from the store and the neighbors were a barber named Amir . The days went by, and there were two people wanted to sell a second hand mobile device,at the same time I had a client wanted to buy it and I told him that if you wanted to buy from them just leave both of you and do the bargain away of me and my shop,but the buyer it is you who will assess the price and buy it for me as you are the expert in this and have already evaluated the device 800, LE and decided to leave it for the next day to put it i a practical experiment so we could pay the price. the seller insisted on having the price or part of it when the buyer raised 500 L.E as he ws very interesting in it. I paid them and told them all to come the same time of thefollowing day.after they left, I tried the mobile phone and found numbers in English . who were buying or selling it were not so cultured to read or write English and inductively names and found the word "home" in English ,so I dialed asking for a response when someone said that his telephone was stolen or dropped in a mini-bus,he was a teacher and I told him that he could receive itand asked him to go to police station to record the incident and report what happened so as to guarantee my money which had been paid. there in the police station ,they exerted pressure on him to convect me and they sent for me I went there and they pressure on both of us that we would go to the prosecutor .the pressure was on his Mobile to testify against me and accuse me I was to be fabricated charges against me. the man decided not to "so he cancelled" the record. Above all, I make a complaint after I finished all the problems that had surrounded me in the debt, which was one of the causes of persecution, harassment and ill-treatment to me by policemen . Now,I filed a complaint against the Interior Minister and was sent almost two months for all senior appointments after what I tried, unfortunately with lawyers all of them rejected owning the weakness and ignorance of the class that must be the most bold and familiar with the law.encouraged with my belief and my rights and to my knowledge, and international laws, as I am familiar with and the international laws especially that articles related to the human rights and Egyptian Constitution . thanks God a deligate from the court brought the response that came to me on 12 | 2 | 2010 take a statement for the prosecution in Mahalla.what I found strange in the culture of the courts and the security that the complaint must take a number issued in the police station what independent judiciary is in here, after taking my statement and this was after the procurator signature whereas my complaint was at first at the office of the Attorney General Secretary anyway the people were taking my statement were belong to the Interior and police force of any independent judiciary here is this too . finally it took a number issued in the police station No. 215.I was newly working in place .. Officers and detectives(Deticives in Egypt maybe have no educational qualifications) came to me on the same day that I am in my testimony but in the evening came and the officerexerted some kind of bullying but I did not allow him to make any searching to the shop unless he showed me a permission or pass to allow him do this and asked him to show me a search warrant from the judiciary or the prosecution. swearing to be back to me and shut down the shop and seal it with the red wax on 12 \ 2 \ 2010 pm and that the eagerly awaited his return to the store Waxing but till now he did not come .I filed a complaint on 13 \ 2 \ 2010 incident against him and accused him of bullying and accused the Interior Minister, blaming him of his responsibilities of his people and me performance.It is for anyone surprise that while I was giving my statement saw Secretary police there with a black plastic bag in which the newly cell phone cards in the form of groups every group is in a waxed black plastic bag sealed with. this is actually illegal and I do not know how things are going in the independence of the judiciary and the strangest thing no one who was confiscated from him the card filed a complaint although I have spoken with two of them.the most surprising that each one_shop or office_of whom they confiscated the cell phone newly cards will be fined 500 LE by the court because these cell phone cards have no serial No. and now I am asking another questions...Do these shops smuggled these cards ? where do they get them from? Don't they buy them from a big dealer inside Egypt. why don't the police and judiciary procedures fine the big capital company that issued and sold these cards or this is the way police and the Egyptian government conduct and behave towards poor and good people It is a bad way to manage things and bad management to most affairs in Egypt. over the confiscation, defamation and inhuman and degrading treatment for the owners of the exchanges and mobile phone shops in Mahalla and other governorates of Egypt. I sent to Mr. President Hosni Mubarak of the Arab Republic of Egypt and Prime Minister and Chairman of the People's Assembly and the Attorney General . although of all of this I have been told that my case will have an administrative preservance and be buried.Now where I can go to claim my rights and to reopen newly investigation. Magdi Amer These are some of their bullying you can imagine that while you are reading this there is some is suffering the pains of torture and all sorts of abusments and bullying by the Egyptian police Thesr are not related to myself but I feel that it is my duty to reveal all this to the Egyptian community and the whole world

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

In Egypt radical changes should be done

Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him ( Muhammad ibn Abdullah) broke the bonds of slavery and freed the Arabs , Muslims and the whole world and drew melted all forms of racism and sectarianism, and equated the people and their rulers , rich or poor and ignorant and their world, and between black and white and between the foreign and Arab rightiousness is the difference between the All Piety and God-fearing and good character and piety in the hearts, which God knows is not to make a person in this world to be entitled Accounting others and bidding them to convict or condemn anybody's rightuousness .God knows who is good and who is bad and spread the love and affection and compassion, and peace among people and nations and deprived unjustly of murder And burning or uprooting crops and stealing and lying and nepotism so merciful in between people and continue the good and kind relationship between poeple and the families even if they or one of them is anatheist. recommending and advicing us to give good treatment and be in good relations with our neighborhoods.we have to respect the religion and other beliefs and dialogue with other religions and be generous to women and sons of Adam ( the father of the humanity)

Egyptian society need to restructure all its institutions from the top of the pyramid to its base. This is a prerequisite and must be concerted efforts and social participation and the organizations to reach positive results. Must identify goals and challenge of these goals will not be accessed properly, from the the establishment of a specialized committee to discuss all the problems with the citizens through hot lines and committees in all governorates of the country of Egypt and monitoring of all the problems facing the citizens in all areas and there is a count field to interview people in all categories of shops and companies and their offices, and individual institutions and non-governmental and individual Is allocated to committees within the parent Committee for education, agriculture, trade and craft etc. .......... After all the problems of public access work and studies and to develop solutions in the form of laws to be discussed by the legislature and Parliament.And the work of an overall change to the work of a new Egyptian regime is not committed to a global system and not a democratic western one, but the Egyptian experience is to rebuild the nation and the establishment and strengthening using all the expertise available in the society of men of religion and science, intellectuals, not everyone involved is recognition of clergy who are working in the governmental bodies and not only scientists who are working in the Egyptian universities or other just There are even scientists have not done any work in universities, or we may call them experts on the difference is not named as important as scientific material or expertise that can be provided by an individual to the nation. First, the supreme body to design and assign the desired goals in a short-term and other long-term and to identify concerns and obstacles and how to overcome them and attention to the information available and that may be available to every Egyptian Everywhere in the world and work to strengthen relations between Egypt and Egyptian first., And to establish social justice and economic and political, legal and religious. Thereby strengthen the Egyptian-Arab relations in order to strengthen the national spirit of the Egyptian, Arab and not get carried away in the anti-any nationality or country behind some . must search for our interests and do not antagonize, and if the reminder, but whoever antagonizes us and tolerance in those things better Because receives the powers and the big blows without being influenced by and to be the biggest to be the biggest tolerance . the ability to work and relieved to be the biggest and the most neutral from bickering and slanging and being the supreme or the big boss in your region by being a good leader and having a good performce. Self-sufficiency demands of important agricultural and industrial defuse bullying the state and the first and before any other existing and bullying is a phenomenon that urgent study and analysis and disposal The bullying of the worst things that negatively affect the community, followed by corruption, bullying the government is to double standards in dealing with people and agencies, countries and also in the way the imposition of laws as they see fit without the participation of the people or the matter of concern to law and the law. And involved, and as if it is controlling the fate of the people and will not have no right to complain against him or against officials And that there may be investigated and that people are not consulted in the most dangerous things that affect them. The most important reasons that led to the increase in the level of bullying in all aspects of the state and Baltay growing corruption is the lack of suitable tools to control, accounting and follow-up in everything in the country. And the absence of the state's role and prestige and racism within the institutions factional to protect his collegues motivated by partisan And fear to fight each others as a sort of corruption. As well as corrupt in all state institutions. And, if necessary, appoint a Ministery to be modernized or created specializes in all matters of corruption and the minister of consultants from the judiciary and the security men and the theologians, science, and of experts from each specialty disciplines of commercial life, economical, and craft service.
What interests me and mention here, I'm very sorry to say it but the people of Egypt in need to reconsider in Education, starch, and is committed to establishing a method of the whole. Basic standards in education and education cooperation between educational institutions and parents and may be mandatory and is forced to parents to limit state that could isolate a child from parents if it was not for the cooperative are adjusted and guidance And improve the conditions of parents culturally and religiously and socially, economically, and this is the most important requirement. We will not promote homeland unless we have such a requirement. And there are reasons thug and forms, but many of them ... go to the police station to file a report against the person casting the officer says to you, for example, injury of yourself and the spirit of the meaning ... something sad and funny and offensive in that oneAnd also that anyone can file a complaint and bring false witnesses ... a false witnessing thing is very easy in Egypt, and everyone knows it ... and also not the prosecutor receives the field visit investigative committee to make sure some things in some cases and only ruling including in front of the leaves, even if it had a certain someone is unjust and last of MazloumAnd of strange that a person is arrested and is sent to the prosecution accusing him carrying a knife and he was not carrying a knife ... For example, it must know that from studying the situation and develop solutions as well as some of the harsher sentences like someone carrying a knife or weapon, and also the seed certificate, but must add harsher punishment to a witness who did not give the truth if verified because of corruption.(every Egyptian knows that he can sue anybody and buy very cheaply some witnesses ..something that makes me laugh and weap at same time) I live in the Egyptian society and is responsible for everything I say and the words All of the above facts found in the Egyptian society and there is some more horrible., for example find injured in the street, be abused by someone or being hit by a car took him to the hospital if your booking and is arrested You police and accuses you for the crime .. which made the majority of the Egyptian do not respect the laws and maybe manuplate the laws in addition to the feeling of living in a forest

حطم النبي محمد صلي الله عليه وسلم (محمد بن عبد الله) أواصر الرق وتحرير العرب والمسلمين والعالم كله، ووجه ذاب جميع أشكال العنصرية والطائفية، وساوى بين الناس وحكامهم، غنيا أو فقيرا، ويجهل وعالمهم، وبين السود والبيض، وبين الصلاح و التقوى الأجنبية والعربية هو الفرق بين جميع التقوى وخشية الله، وأخلاق حسنة والتقوى في القلوب ، التي يعلم الله ليس لجعل شخص في هذا العالم أن يكون بعنوان المحاسبة وغيرها لإدانة هذه العطاءات أو إدانة أي شخص بعدم التقوى او الصلاح
الله وحده يعلم من هو جيد ومن هو سيئ ونشر المحبة والمودة والرحمة، والسلام بين الشعوب والأمم ويحرمون ظلما من القتل وحرق المحاصيل واقتلاع أو السرقة والكذب والمحسوبية حتى في رحيم بين الناس ومتابعة جيدة و نوع العلاقة بين الانسان والأسر حتى لو كانت أو واحد منهم هو ملحد. ويوصي ونصح لنا لتقديم العلاج الجيد ويكون في علاقات جيدة مع الجيره و الجيرانلدينا على احترام الدين والمعتقدات الأخرى والحوار مع الديانات الأخرى وتكون كريما للنساء وأبناء آدم (والد الإنسانية)
المجتمع المصري في حاجة لإعادة هيكلة جميع مؤسساتها من قمة الهرم إلى قاعدته. وهذا شرط أساسي ويجب تضافر الجهود والمشاركة الاجتماعية والمنظمات للوصول إلى نتائج إيجابية. يجب تحديد أهداف والتحدي لتحقيق هذه الأهداف لن يمكن الوصول إليها بشكل صحيح ، من إنشاء لجنة متخصصة لمناقشة جميع المشاكل مع المواطنين من خلال خطوط ساخنة واللجان في جميع محافظات البلاد من مصر ورصد جميع المشاكل التي تواجه للمواطنين في جميع المجالات وهناك حقل العد لمقابلة الناس في جميع الفئات من المحلات التجارية والشركات والمكاتب الخاصة، والمؤسسات الفردية ويتم تخصيص غير الحكومية والأفراد إلى لجان داخل اللجنة الأم للتعليم والتجارة والزراعة والحرف اليدوية الخ
بعد كل المشاكل عمل وصول الجمهور والدراسات ووضع الحلول في شكل قوانين لمناقشتها من قبل المجلس التشريعي و البرلمان و عمل إجراء تغيير شامل لعمل نظام المصري الجديدة ليست ملتزمة نظام عالمي وليس واحدة ديمقراطية الغربية، لكن هذه التجربة المصرية لإعادة بناء الأمة وإنشاء وتعزيز استخدام جميع الخبرات المتاحة في المجتمع من رجال الدين والعلم، والمثقفين، وليس كل من يشارك هو اعتراف من رجال الدين الذين يعملون في الهيئات الحكومية وليس فقط العلماء الذين يعملون في الجامعات المصرية أو غيرها فقط بل هناك علماء لم تقم بأي عمل في الجامعات، أو يمكن أن نسميه لهم الخبراء المعني لم يرد اسمه الفرق هامة مثل المواد العلمية أو الخبرة الفنية التي يمكن المقدمة من الفرد إلى الأمة.
الأول ، الهيئة العليا للتصميم وتعيين الأهداف المنشودة في فترة قصيرة الأجل وأخرى طويلة الأجل وتحديد الشواغل والعقبات وكيفية التغلب عليها ، والانتباه إلى المعلومات المتوفرة والتي قد تكون متاحة في كل مكان إلى كل مصري في العالم والعمل على تعزيز العلاقات بين مصر وأول مصري. وإقامة العدالة الاجتماعية والاقتصادية والسياسية والقانونية والدينية. وبالتالي تعزيز العلاقات المصرية العربية من أجل تعزيز روح الوطنية المصرية والعربية ولا نسترسل في الجنسية ضد أي بلد أو وراء بعض. يجب البحث عن مصالحنا واستعداء لا تفعل ، وإذا كان التذكير ، ولكن أيا منا يعادى والتسامح في هذه الأمور أفضل لأن يتلقى الضربات والقوى الكبرى دون ان يتاثر ويكون أكبر لتكون أكبر التسامح. القدرة على العمل ويخلص إلى أن يكون أكبر وأكثر حيادية من المهاترات والشتم ويجري العليا أو مدرب كبير في المنطقة عن طريق كونه القائد الجيد وجود الاداءجيدة. الاكتفاء الذاتي مطالب هامة الزراعية والصناعية نزع فتيل البلطجة الدولة وأولا وقبل أي الأخرى القائمة والبلطجة ظاهرة دراسة عاجلة وتحليلها والتخلص منها والبلطجة من أسوأ الأمور التي تؤثر سلبا على المجتمع ، تليها الفساد والبلطجة الحكومة لمعايير مزدوجة في التعامل مع الناس والبلدان والوكالات وأيضا في الطريقة التي فرض القوانين على النحو الذي يرونه مناسبا من دون مشاركة الشعب أو مسألة مثيرة للقلق للقانون والقانون. والمشاركة ، وكما لو كانت السيطرة على مصير الشعب ولن يكون لها أي حق في تقديم شكوى ضده أو ضد المسؤولين والتي قد تكون هناك والتحقيق أن الناس لم يتم التشاور في الأمور الأكثر خطورة التي تؤثر عليهم. أهم الأسباب التي أدت إلى زيادة في مستوى البلطجة في جميع جوانب الدولة وتزايد Baltay الفساد هو عدم وجود الأدوات المناسبة لمراقبة والمحاسبة والمتابعة في كل شيء في البلاد. وغياب دور الدولة وهيبتها والعنصرية داخل المؤسسات الحزبية لحماية زملائه بدافع من الحزبية والخوف لمحاربة بعضهم البعض بأنها نوع من الفساد. كذلك الفساد كما هو الحال في جميع مؤسسات الدولة. وإذا لزم الأمر ، تعيين الوزارة لتحديث أو إنشاء متخصص في جميع المسائل المتعلقة بالفساد ووزير الاستشاريين من القضاء ورجال الأمن ورجال الدين ، والعلم ، وخبراء من كل التخصصات تخصص الحياة ، الاقتصادية التجارية ، والحرف الخدمة
ما يهمني ، وأذكر هنا ، وأنا آسف جدا أن أقول ذلك ، ولكن شعب مصر في حاجة إلى إعادة النظر في النشا ، والتعليم ، وملتزمة إنشاء أسلوب الجامعة. قد المعايير الأساسية في التربية والتعليم التعاون بين المؤسسات التعليمية وأولياء الأمور وتكون إلزامية ويضطر للوالدين للحد من الدولة التي يمكن أن عزل الطفل عن والديه إذا لم يكن للجمعية التعاونية يتم ضبط والتوجيه وتحسين ظروف الآباء وثقافيا دينيا واجتماعيا واقتصاديا ، وهذا هو المطلب الأهم. ونحن لن تعزيز وطن ما لم نحصل على مثل هذا الشرط. وهناك أسباب وأشكال البلطجة ، ولكن العديد منهم... الذهاب إلى مركز الشرطة لتقديم بلاغ ضد شخص الصب الضابط يقول لك ، على سبيل المثال ، إصابة نفسك وروح المعنى... oneAnd شيء محزن ومضحك والهجومية في ذلك أيضا أن أي شخص يستطيع تقديم شكوى وتقديم شهود زور... شيء زائف نشهد من السهل جدا في مصر ، والجميع يعرف ذلك... وأيضا لا يتلقى المدعي العام بزيارة ميدانية لجنة التحقيق للتأكد من بعض الأمور في بعض الحالات والحاكم فقط بما في ذلك أمام الأوراق ، حتى لو كان شخص معين غير عادلة والأخير من مظلومين من الغريب أن يتم القبض على الشخص و يتم إرسالها إلى النيابة متهما اياه يحمل سكينا وأنه لم يكن يحمل سكينا... على سبيل المثال ، يجب أن نعلم أن من دراسة الحالة ووضع الحلول وكذلك بعض من أقسى العقوبات كمن يحمل سكينا أو سلاح ، وكذلك شهادة البذور ، ولكن يجب إضافة بتغليظ العقوبة على الشاهد الذي لم يذكر الحقيقة إذا تحققت بسبب الفساد. (كل مصري يعرف انه يمكن مقاضاة أي شخص شراء بأسعار رخيصة جدا وبعض الشهود.. الأمر الذي يجعلني أضحك والخاص بالموارد في نفس الوقت) أعيش في المجتمع المصري ، وهي مسؤولة عن كل ما أقوله والكلمات جميع الحقائق المذكورة أعلاه وجدت في المجتمع المصري ، وهناك بعض أفظع ، عن البحث عن سبيل المثال أصيب في الشارع ، أن يساء استخدامها من قبل شخص أو التعرض للضرب من قبل سيارة نقلوه الى المستشفى في حالة الحجز ويتم القبض عليك والشرطة اتهامك للجريمة.. مما جعل الغالبية العظمى من المصريين لا تحترم القوانين ويتلاعب  ربما القوانين بالإضافة إلى الشعور الذين يعيشون في غابة

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My own full story

This message was enrolled and registered by post office to all higher possitions in Egypt In the name of God the Merciful

Out of the Egyptian constitution and all international conventions on human rights that states that no end of issues affecting the human rights and crimes against humanity limitation. I state here my complaint I make and send a copy of it to all the following entities of the Presidency, Mr. Premier, People's Assembly.And the Supreme Council for Human Rights, and the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Justice, and Minister of the Presidency and the Ministry of Social Security and Amnesty International.

Name :Magdi Sobhi Mohamed Ibrahim Amer.
I hold a Bachelor of Arts and Diploma in Public Relations and Media
Suez Born in 1962
resident of Mahalla al-Kubra ,20 Hamada Street, off the street ten Manshiyya new ,house of Ibrahim Badawi.
cel: +2 0111238879 Tel: +20 40 2421293

Starting in mid-2003 where I was running my shop,purchasing and maintenancing mobile phones named Computer Easy During this time I was the most well known in Mahala and the most famous and popular in the western region where I had clients from all around the surrounding villages. came to me a man who works effects in the sale and smuggling of foreign currency and historical treasures. I told him I do not have any idea how to help him in antiquities and stone arts but maybe I could be of a good help in currency.he told me he propped senior men in the state who sustain him.he had boxes filled with dollar 100 $ bill category,but in black paper and need to be submerged in a chemical to soak them and become green and is one hundred per cent sound and good, I took him to arrange an appointment for a date and finished between him and the man is Dr. chemical and college, according to him, and therefore I went to the police department of Mahala Al Kobra, and I realized I might be observered and censored ...So I went to the second section of the police, although I belong to the first one for,Mahalla and the other hand,I had a client and a Deputy Sheriff was named Montaser who is a short white and green eyes then I was met by superintendent Dean Magdy section and therefore met the detective chief surnamed Amer officer who interviewed me and met me by another officer who would come with me to do the job and already the officer interviewed the man on my local shop.The officer interviewed the man in and took the black 100 $ bill paper from him Then the Vice sherrif who was a decent man thanked me and as a patriotic for my love for my country and I got the communication and the communication was verbal, and left it to them and I did not ask, but after a month, the sherrif told me that the operation was spoiled and could not get reach of those gang the matter made me doubt their preformance and their management of such matter. I was the member of the dawn of human rights in the Mahala in 1998 and 1999, Also I was a member of Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International Web site and sent many messages of sites for human rights organizations and Amnesty Internationalsso I was to send messages to President and Minister of interior and even for the most world leaders and ministers to demand fair trials and or fair investigations to release the oppressed, and as usual the site e-processing of messages and we sign it and agree with it and send it and in the meantime, almost in the month of July 2003 I was summoned to the department by the second Mahalla officer Sheriff Afifi then I went by and he let me stand for an hour and a half or more which hurts my reputation and practice as well as I needed my time for my work and maintenance work should be is always faithful to the follow-up and customer complaints and in order for the Secretariat, which brings me to it with the owners of the hardware that I repaired and I asked him what is it for he said to me shortly after a non-commisional police officer came who had left his own mobile at my office for repairing was a device for maintenance " Eriksson" I tried to fix it and did not come to a positive condition I told him the outcome of the device did not and will not be repaired as he had given it to two more offices to repair it before me. This man was sitting and I was standing..What a superimposition of this and any mental illness suffered by policemen (there myself .... I have my dignity, above all people who tries to harm it ), I was humiliated that I said to Sheriff Afifi I have my own busniss and have no more time.Am I required or Is there anything? he said uh ...(stupidly) I wanted you for the Phone Al arickson for this person . I answerd him I worked and done all possiblities, but did not bring a positive result . he told me you can manage your way but bring a working phone.I understood what he meant and I told him I do not. I don't have money increase for giving one device without having its price and then I contiued saying where is your tea or lemon juice for me, why sent for me when I heard whispered informants telling each others "huh look how he talks " like I have no right and they have all the rights (the arrogance and stupidity and ignorance of the police, informants), and then laughed Sheriff Afifi (laughter we teach all Adjuring and the threat and intimidation)and said to me means ...Is it so !. I told him yes,and I went off to my work. in the same period, worked for me a trainee a young man named Tariq from Alheiatm , his sister husband works in the Presidency lieutenant colonel and they live at the neighborhood Alheiatm A small village nearby). As well as dealing with me, lieutenant colonel Sami Al Sokkary . I learned from some of the workers that El Sokkary Sami wants to open the same activities some of my trained men when there was a young man named Mahmoud Gomaa already out of business to start his own.Sami visits were a lot and many visits had been given by Samy to Mahmoud(who worked for me,he was the best one in my office and the boss ) and I do not know why Sami called my friendship whereas he fights me under belt and at the same time wants to promote for the others either for Tariq, who was living in Alheiatm was doing some work(experiments on clients devices just to have more knowledge no matter how much this cost me or the clients), which I told him not to do and therefore asked him not to repeat this work and to leave if done it .he repeated and was asked to leave and he was the spoiled baby by his sister and (her husband in the presidency so I wanted to know now when I was in the detainee 3 days without any charges or convections the police people told some people the there are some highly recommendations against me ).
on 18, 17 or August 19, 2003 I found a man I do not know came up to me wants me in the second Mahalla police station and I've got customers and pressure of work and is not surprising where you the most famous and the best . customers were increasing and goes up to twenty( maybe more and I did not finish my work well with these customers but delayed and shelfed the appointments with them more two days later .also I had my lunch ready but did not take my food).anyway When I finished and found the man who I have learned is still awaiting for me . One of the people who work for me to take my place in another office was contacted by me .
Then I went to the police station alone bymyself when I arrived there they retained me in the middle of a lot of men,
women with thier own babies and children within the reservation and I do not know why and I had one named Muhannad was working in the mobile field he used to sell or buy or repair his phones as a client
.He asked my cell phone to call his brother and I have been told by him and two others that they retained most people work in the field of mobile phone and I knew later that .....Emad El Arabi was one who was torture to death but till now I don't know the real story all I know that he is dead how I
don't know till now.
Muhannad was out the next day although he has no licence or taxes pay documentation for exercising such job .he had no shop or office ,but for me I had the licence and and also Ali Ossman the other mobile shop owner was out the second day....but kept me without telling me anything, as well as there was a man who was allegedly to stole a buffalo and was living in ShebeenElKom and was tortured with electricity in a humiliating manner put the power cord in the testicle and tortured in the second day and the third day(he told us when he saw him weeping and feeling pains he said he had a coffee shop and his wife id managing it forthe time being It was the first time in my life to hear such a story of humilating torture). The Sherrif came to the place we were retained in the morning to do his work and the pleasure of his existence for me out because my status is illegal and surely knows this but he was negative and only came to pressure the thief And call his mom and insulted his family very bad named and dirty told him Did you send your relatives to steal the car and threatened him and he asked the informant about me said to him, this meant Mr. Magdi mobile shop owner remained silent and took the sheriff asks for others and there was a young man famed, Muhammad Farkha (was one of the police rates guidance and one who is helped by them to excert pressure on people in and outside the police station was there for three days to spy on incarcerated for the officers and doing what he was thrown by any criminal action .Now where judicial supervision Are slum of the police arrogancy.And I do not know what's going on and over the day and I cry inside the reservation and my feet hit the door all night, saying where are the officers my being here is illegal, and after the first pass on the second day of the reservation ,entered the door (and I am always beside it in the hope of exit and the belief that there is something wrong error and) 6 people(six bloody informants) also went into the door and suddenly entering Suddenly caught my arm and arranged most of them know each part of my arm to be caught and every one of them grabbed a part of my left arm so as to be in the center and I was in a semicircle where they were around me, to install and standing and if one of them allegedly knew and took all Ispeny lowest gross and degrading wordy (I got angry of the bad names, words and the insult Before catching my arm the one who insulted and reprouched me raised his hand to beat me ,I grabbed his hands both and attracted behind his back and did not tightly caught him,but did not do anything else . I heard them whispering to each others one of them say "he is very taugh guy _ about me_ ") and take the hit punched in the face and neck, ear and ribs and did not stop swearing and I am able to beat them, but I had a right I did not move a finger but I threatened that I willdefend my rights however long it takes and whatever you imagine yourselves and thuggery is not permitted by law and has filed a complaint and did not take mine and now I renew my complaint to provide the highest levels of the state and I think I will take my rights .when I was retained they took my cell phone and stayed there for 3 days the second day at night they torture and humilated me I had no telephone and no one could see me throughout the period of custody (three days in custody without a visit and no food and no toilet) and on the third day in custody came up with the Sheriff Afifi to his office and found a young man 15-17 years short brown skinny can hardly sit or stand and was lying on the ground was not strong enough to sit because of the severity of torture said to me, Sheriff Afifi and here he is huh did not know what it means, but I told Sharif concerning the young man or boy this is the first in my life to see
him.then the young guy said the same words addresing his words to Sharif said the boy, this is the first time in my life to see him
.. Then Sharif said , revealing to the boy, "You you were outside when they were in and " I do not know who they are and where they are and what" is intended, but the boy said yes... yes. And left the child.(Came to me after almost a year or less from that date in my second shop apologized to me, "Never mind, uncle Magdy .. I told him if you are not a ruling on the offense you went out and brought you out of their hand with the help of a lawyer and did all my best, and brought you out of darkness and stop these .. he told me can never happen ,,you don't know what they did and can do to me) by throwing himself from his sat on the ground asleepbecause of the impact of torture .Sheriff said to me
Magdy you are required to eight handsets, working well and in good conditions and I bought it from thieves and I told him where these thieves and this boy said he did not see me before and I have not seen him before already and even if the thief said he sold and Do you have notified me his name, and how not bought from some people, what laws govern it, or I do not have a tax card and license and pay taxes, and retrieved the paper from all relevant authorities and Chamber of Commerce.he said you will bring specified cell phone we will dectat them to you of the ways we have many and we have electricity and all means (how dare to say that any madness and stupidity, this is not a Sheriff officer is the word bully in the sense of looking at his teeth to find a black impact of drugs he is addict to) and did not see this child in my life and for your information, I amreluctantly I and four shops in the city,we are only buying and selling and change is natural and error comes.Anything of that nature Which law allows the officer to arrest and throw in the inquiries and requests devices some honest people for the reason they ding thier job or what controls their activites. And then received the equipment on the third day ten o'clock tonight or little later(Mum is an old woman and a patient _sick_ and we are from Suez and I have no other relatives in Mahalla and it was difficult for me all my life did not tire or hurt mom such as what happened to come to the police station .And meet all thugs and gangs want money as a bribry for nothing it is their habit whenever you are there all informants want you to pay them , she went to the shop I have bringing their applications similar to me, and my employees broke the closure of certain offices, cupboards and under the pretext of help me. odd that someone would say to me about what would happen to me before it happens five days and I thought he was kidding we have got to laugh I and colleagues) by lawyer did not take them paper receipt proves the delivery of the cell phones and I wonder what does a lawyre do in Egypt he never objects the actions of the police and I told him do not deliver anything ,I want to stay here or you came do your best to take me out of here by law..He said they can do anything Mr Amer please do what they ask you to do and get out of here for the help of your mother .Any law of this I do not know the state of emergency do not know and did not stop at that I went on that day and I have contacted human rights organization in London I recorded message because it was sunday or maybe Saturday I mentioned that I needed help and I was retained for 3 days and tortured I did not mention my telephone because was not enough credit in my phone when I came out of the department and found some or one of my staff steals me But I could not do something to them first to get rid of the problems I have encountered regarding the payment for devices that have been handed over to the Sheriff Afifi and head of the Investigation Section Hossam Nabil, who began to appear in the image and not a day until I received an informant who told me to go the police station to talk to Pasha Hussam Pasha and I do not know what What is happening in my country that I had thought I went to see him wait for hours I was told that Ahmed Almeligi came and is an officer living in Cairo at Maadi. known him as long, and stout and white and said to me you are required to 6 handsets, was mugged by a thief, and sold me and this time I met the boy who sold them already happened and that sold me over the past year and a half and I paid him to the highest price I grabbed him to Phone Line which he was selling to me phoned figures telephones on the line and I spoke to them, and those numbers that the phone line and I told them I had the phone and I want
them in the my store in a specific time to come to me, the time the seller(the thief)comes at .they _the owners of the stolen mobile were _ owners o a cell phone mobile shop in the street Kuwatli in Mahala and I've paid him _ the thief_half the amount wasn't able to take back the money paid to him by me I took warranties from him and after a few months I got his mother and said that he engages in the repair of motorcycles and light workshop and repented what he had done before so I gave her the cards and warranties and told her I forgive him for you and don't want the money he is owed to me.She told me he came many times to sell you mobile phones and you dismiss him and refuse to buy from him but i tell you please buy from him his good man now so I belived her and I bought from him reluctantly over the year and a half 5 devices for the highest price of hardware has been delivered to the officer as Ahmed Almeligi request and then they took my identity card (so I can not I make a complaint against them or send a registered letter or Telegraph)They kept my ID card for more than a
month I can not get it and returned my work, but came to me a person wants to buy a device and after agreement on the device and its data he said I would bring you money and take the data with of the device typed the serial number and asked him what the serial number for he answered to know it out of its same style and he liked it among his brethren to be able to differentiate between them and others then Sheriff sent for me with two informants Attacked me in a very humalating way open the shop window and opened it and the same guy wanted to buy the mobile was outside told them what mobile he knew the exact place t (The process was orchestrated and based upon police officer Sharif) I went with them after closing my shop Sharif was waiting there arranging a report record and took the phone and told me you go with them to prosecution or waive the phone.Because I know that There aren't laws that protect me in the country and the judiciary, slow and not independent and because the Ministry of Interior is stronger than justice.But I spoke with Ahmed Almeligi saw that if I told him that Sharif Afifi Tani anywhere inside or outside the department will kill him and Ahmed told me Almeligi les concede on the phone I told him the best I Albhdelh of the prosecution and loss of time I have need to control every minute of my work then they planned it very well to the loss of my right to.And then came to me Ahmed Almeligi shop and told me that he would soon destroy the testimony of Betty Essam Al knew and told me I am called the Nokia 3650 price was a new 2200 LE van and two hundred in the market which is not unbearable and went through hours and said the salvation of cell 8310 Ashan device of the Nokia 3650 we found salvation and I told him, and I'm A fault, said he was stolen from a son of an Advisor.Reached their debauchery and blackmail (the ignorance and stupidity I imagine an ordinary person Gelban do not know my right, and ignorant, but what it made me I can not respond to them my situations how I was and that I do not envy them and the future of collapse, and manufacturing and trade break down and destroy the dreams and hopes and crumble and clients must appease them and solve their problems) to be set my hours that I did not come with the device will retain me in section to attend to the device.Reached their debauchery and blackmail (the ignorance and stupidity I imagine an ordinary poor person do not know my right, andI am not ignorant, but what it made me I can not respond to them Aaudhaay me how I was and that I do not envy them and the future of collapse, and manufacturing and trade break down and destroy the dreams and hopes and crumble and clients must appease them and solve their problems) to be set my hours that I did not come with the device will Ihdzony section to attend to the device I bought a device from the coffee in the barns and it suffices to nine hundred and fifty pounds and I got handed over to him without any proof and I kept pressing to get my ID and I can not get from them is for them. And he was attending and see and watch this a lot of people and the lawyer, Salah Shabaka which weakness in the days of Ramadan and I do not know why, a friend of mine named Abdul Khaliq and neighbors in neighboring coffee and fruits and vegetables in nearby a lot of clients where every day he comes to me every hour of the day in the local which was located on the first field barns Abu El Fadl in the field of Abed RabboI go each section a little and waited there for hours and go back and then I go there once again as if I am working for them I spend there more than 5 hours a day that they wanted me to testify an unjustified and corrupted testify on one of the individuals(called Ahmed Shibl) who was wanted to fabricate his charges and I showed them that I will not testify in that direction I will say only the truth and the information I know not that they dectated to me , but the right Vhedua about it and they were in the section Section detective took my telephone and mobile phone is the client wanted to sell me, and I'd put him on probation and the pace and When they took it and continued with them three days and went as usual when the section sent in my request and asked my ID card then they gave it to me finally . so in the next day sent a letter to the Telegraph to the Interior Minister, believing that this makes the telegraph and the Interior Minister is coming to me or to the commission by the Ministry of Interior (As a rule of World Protocol that gives me the right to prosecute any official sent him and did not respond to) the research and fact-finding and the action needed, but
I've had nothing so I sent Telegraph as well as another in the same time the Attorney General and written record in the prosecution in the court and then asked the prosecutor to take the necessary action but he had a response to me saying that this is bullying and you wrote the record and will be sent in the request tomorrow But for the fact that they send you every hour lab will not do something in that de bullying and you Directorate of Security (resorted to spend and did my thing and could not prosecutor stressed that stop them from unjust prosecution and prey looooong live Egypt.. O Egypt) I went to the office of inspection in Security Directorate, and worked in the record of the facts and when I arrive, I received Mahallah Ahmed Almeligi with three Informants and Give me a device that the device was accompanied by the work of many problems in the store and on the street and told me that he recorded the risk and does not care one will be activated in the store and that did not give him the mobile phone or the price agreed upon the following day and was over 5 days on the device while received by the officer Ahmed Almeligi and Barkamy the line and my customers and my secrets and everything of my own and due to the failure of the Minister of Interior and Ministry of Interior Given the weakness and lack of independence of the Egyptian judiciary, and I object to say that the judiciary in Egypt, of course, is not okay and the fault is not in the judges but in the narrow powers and weakness and lack of independence and how performance and expand the powers of the Ministry of Interior at the expense of justice udiciary in Egypt is not safe and will remain and the situation continues to take all appropriate measures for a decent life for Egyptian citizens. and I learned after that He (Justice Mohamed Abu Youssef) But he had thought that oral warning was enough friendly and verbal transactions and found that all of the records of what I did and telegrams Chancellor Mohammad Abu Yusuf, who was Attorney General went to the department, and warned them how on earth is this and came to me and did not open the file and not issue and does not record and but futile where they continued to threaten chasing me as an a criminal summoned to the department, andafter a while maybe 2 months they did not bother me so much only once or twice found myself a little time to Review my acounts and audible I went to the apartment that had been earmarked for maintenance to the Bureau continue my case, I found that there are many stolen a time you need to collect some money and found I have no record of freeing money in the initial section loot While there are a lot of thefts so I went to the police station and made my staement in their record but they did not give me its issue serial, which were not disclosed and if the officers in the take particular section did not give me my words and the record number as usual and assigned lawyer Salah Shabaka following up, but there was a collusion Did not and I do not know how things are run Some of the witnesses who had enlisted them sit down with officers and the officers meant bad words and attempting to overthrow the witnesses against me, and whenever you go with me, witnesses and papers to accompany the record to tell me the meaning after an hour and go after hours Icoly meaning after 5 hours He was one of the witnesses before reaching the section has done a touch of the cabin and stood waiting But when he returned and found his eyes and his words are reassuring Is turned against me, is this being recruited and to be my head, not the head thief for mobile devices for customers who came to maintenance and I have all the parts which I own and I were estimated at more than a hundred thousand Egyptian pounds Parts only, Contact Person, who is accused of those thefts was named Abdel-Hamid Taha Abdel-Hamid He was a student I have in high school the year before I was teaching English language and has sent his request to teachers, as designated by my knowledge at a reduced rate or without a presenter due to his condition and physical condition of his father and his family was owed to their neighbors, including an estimated five thousand Egyptian pounds and when I opened Store you help him work with me for the holiday and at anytime,
devote themselves until the fourth year of college at the University of Mansura Amount to become indebted to their neighbors and worked with me for the payment of expenses and the purchase of books, and I pay my staff each day and daily self-respect and not a monthly salary and the time accused him of theft was leaving the store and he has paid the debt and his family bought a place near the community of ownership of Oct. 6 in Mahalla name ABedoe( the name of his shop that he bought not rented) and was with him an abundance of capital and do not know where he is certain of this and steal all the spare parts of my own and handsets, I bought some device accomulated for years because of the defects so I sent them to my other department that Abd El Hameed was the main boss there to the maintenance facility B to close it to when I do the repairs or make them spare part.these devices for years, accumulated more than 50 mobile device and their price ranges between the actual 400 to 600 pounds and also did not Icetkvy so, but the theft of client devices so I'm now mortgagor amounts.Made in the minutes of the Inspection Department of the Interior Ministry's security against Western intelligence officers. Made in the minutes of November 2003 against Abd al-Hamid and stolen and I had a hundred of the witnesses went on extradition and equipment stolen, including Khalid Fathi El Alihuty monks lives in the telephone number 2977280 and mobile number 0124829582 was after delivery device that was stolen by Abdul Hamid and gave him another body of my own boards of my devices and Khaled had received the device from Abdul Hamid and the stepped up to the office and found a rose device hidden by accident when the my screwdriver fell between the wall and the desk and I
took it and asked the customer care clerks to give me all information about this specific serial No. of the phone they told me that the Serial was for Khaled who brought the device and also received it .Khaled Fat-hy was one of my clients so he came later for another porpose but I asked him about his stolen mobile he told me he doubted but did not tell me i told him I found it but couldnot deliver it to him unless I finish my procedures and investigations at the police stationKhaled Fathy awaited about a month and prosecutors Check to see but was in vein The police did not attach the proof to the investigation records and did not recieve it from me did not give me an Issue serial number did not take the witnesses words, but after manipulation of the officers which made me write a apparatus and apologized him for what happened and began to Investigation officers manipulated a second, Mahala And informers and corruption fully as they did not give me no record of the first day and does not accept witnesses, including footnotes Fathi mobile number 0124039733, Waleed El-Badry numbered 0101954382 and 0129181798 Ahmed al-Najjar Shubra Babil, 0124503124 and height of many others and additions So manipulation of the lawyer if there is agreement between them, it's clear to their interests among themselves and when the government and determine the court hearing was not presented with any state and any of these laws and how they are judged and I have been living without presented with and do not accept the argument that no evidence of Title I of the complainant First, Second, because I was famous Mahallah, very well known in the field of barns and allowed to corrupt and ruin Do not miss our manipulation is going on in the courts From a knowledge of the notification of the address error or does not send, and so forth and that was known to all how can continue without change, and fill those gaps. You shop monasteries were the property of the brother who lives in a state of Austria, came a few days each year to Egypt and As stated I do not know his arrival, and claimed the store opens in the morning there were more than five informants all a little detective My brother got angry and asked me why did they come and what made them to come?In every case I will close the store and open the another activity after the closure, and of course left me and my brother traveled and did not support me, never, not even talk to me and there is not between me and any contact or even knowing the day closing the store and that you are admonished him that he did not stand next to me and support me, but I was furious and in the intensity of anger from the ministries of interior and justice in their failure I have the right and prosecuted for what happened and was the second activity do not care and do not shop but I'd work and an inventory of debt incurred to adjust things and equipment stolen by Taha Abdel-Hamid Abdel-Hamid, but my brother was not only interested in closing the store and already sealed off and gone and then all the problems of the claim to the shop were on my shoulders and left me flat three weeks I learned from this that the debt has reached more than 30 thousand pounds Air stolen and unfortunately the owner of each device was using his 100 pounds was the equivalent of asking me to 500 pounds and I was compelled to pay and it was my income and my gains solve the problems of daily cover for more than four and equipment
with time and gradually after a few months now in my power to pay less and the downward He continued to weaken and the situation for more than three years to be paid 90% (ninety-seven thousand pounds have been paid Did not the fault of us as a people also .. Or is the fundamental reason is the state because it does not separate between the people and the right speed) of the debt, but during all the clients have applied to me strange from someone by the police and comes to your screen is open and a piece of home and board lack of spare parts, but the device models of high and if the appreciation of, developed by experienced to evaluate and pricing it including not not exceeds 50 pounds But after trying to open the device and its problems be surprised to know that he does not work only to be scrap the client wait to come in and told him what I found in the device and if the screaming and cursing in and accuses me that I am the first to open the device and people will come from the neighborhood and say you are the client do not know me I am a registered risk after a client and another is now not only accept the people I know well and of course, asking me to this danger the Registrar to pay 1800 That the new device and is the settlement between the people that pay a thousand pounds and some of these registrars risk envoys were on purpose and some of them came from the same hope for a quick buck rather than to give the adhaan where theft laws in the state where the esteemed and respected politicians and leaders and where institutions and security agencies where it exists to increase corruption and to protect the interests of both him and intermediation And I want to know who was recommended to contact with police when the former Security Director for my reservation was told he had been recommended to over If Mr. President (I do not think so), Hosni Mubarak, or one in his office, I am asking for and to sue for lost hope in support of any governmental entity, and I was resigned to things so that I can do I make a stolen my own devices, rather than matters worse, sue me and stole all of his computer and many numbers I received a man called / Tarek Ismat said Li at a price you are required to 600 pounds and I sent to you by Ahmed Almeligi second officer of the Department of Mahala and why I called him friend, and told me then, and I did not understand you about me and do not force it pushed the amount and During this period because it was done in days, Li said that his telephone Tarek Ismat abuse sexuality from within the police department for confiscated his own motorcycle and was about to be prosecuted And telephone number 0402422325 in those days and one day I received informant tells me to go to the section of the interview by name or Ashraf maybe or Hisham Amara, and there was all the officers present and what was with him and stick thet they beat and torture people there and were, all within the room in which the report Amara and documents was in front of him and told me what to do in that I told him what I do see what you see and I sign the papers wasn't frightened of them but for my reputation that they put me in and to pay back all my debets and also if I killed one ofthem, I would have been criminal and murderer Today,because people will talk about my losses and debets now I will not hesitate in doing this in the complaint was bruised my ability, moral and psychological and physical, despite Every day I am not able to sleep until the dawn prayer and when I sleep I awake with a rag of anger, holding on the door to get off and I kill everyone who contributed to persecutory and wrong done and ask forgiveness my Lord and I go back I will be calmer II took my right to As long as the same and as long as a corner, but I will not never leave my right and I know the existence of God bring peace in my heart and Oukmt kill them all what I regret or I felt guilty, but not enough for me so I'm what I'd be the message which is that change all the laws governing the transactions in all public institutions to ensure justice and the right and equality of citizens and be Contact Person in office does not make him above the law or Pasha But a servant of the masses and the citizens and the citizens must be made aware of this. I am an Egyptian citizen and I belong to a family known for its patriotism and hard love

President Mubarak

I have posted this message with a registered letters to all the following:
Mr. President of the Arab Republic of Egypt,
Mr. Premier, Mr. Attorney General, Mr. Prime Minister and the President of the Shura Council and Allcab and before them all I sent it to my God ..All
witness upen me and you all and you all are accountable before God .. this is to remember

I extend to you that the complaint and I deeply feel regret, shame or sense of humiliation for my being making such a complaint and what happened, but I do not ask only my right but I ask the rights of the Egyptians intervention in you to make the necessary recommendations to change all necessary rules and laws and activate many of the rules and regulations.So as not to be in the same predicament later any Egyptian and I think such issues are worthwhile and I know that you read this complaint you will have a feeling growing on you of knowing a lot of things that take place in the country where the big liars and the hypocrites and those with interests are preventing the arrival of such cases and the largest or the less access to you and therefore,I would be interested in the interest of all higher qualified with higher qualifications and scientists who insist to lead the community of what is best for the country and the people and activate all the scientific research carried out by dedicated scientists in all fields of life and not for their research, not to be led by half-intelligent and ignorant, I'm seeing in the Egyptian media and education of management do things and promote the ideas are half-smart, or intelligent middle - .
And those who are not sufficiently aware of running things and they need to minister of information and education, education, bold and familiar with global culture and a high level of intelligence to do the changes affect a positive change in society to participate in every Egyptian decision-making and the advancement of society and strengthen the spirit of community and national interests and upper and I'm asking is also the aggravation of some of the sanctions That affect the exploitation of the authorities and abuse of power, corruption and militants in matters trivial and indifferent to the important and sensitive things, and necessary in everyday life as well as tougher penalties for thug and absenteeism as well as activation of the norms and laws, principles and social values, Islamic and Coptic and cultural fit with the Arab community in the eastern community; as Egypt is one of them; and spirit of the times.And I remember something you had spoken many times,
Mr. President, Hosni Mubarak in the late eighties and early nineties, but it will be you and urges young university graduates to work in the private sector and higher qualifications for my being, who worked in the private sector, unfortunately, is not provided the right atmosphere or haven't been secured in my country and my society (my people). But you only talked without follow-up procedures and does not allow us to do our roles as possible, and I was about to be working in the English-language broadcasters Channel Four and my ambitions but I was more than that and I find myself in my abilities, that make me successful in many areas did not accept the appointment anchor 1993 and that was this was done it was only on paper (sharp, boss) was having all hopes and my abilities and belief in my abilities, that make me succeed in any field now the stupid regulation in Egypt and the whole world can not hire some one excpt for his papers and documented certificates whereas there is no test for all jobs that might be done for some who are not especified but qualified for example I garaduated from college of arts,sociology Dept.Even though I am very fluent and good at English maybe better than some the university.
maybe I can be a good diplomate person in an concelate or Embbassy of Egypt too..
we have very good people in our country,but your system Expels competencies and repressor and fought them and has not been any action to attract the minds and the potential to exploit domestic Egyptian. To have success in any field I Collect enough data and contact the necessary expertise and diligence and at short notice I am one of the pioneers of this area and this is what the historic of me and the Suez worked in the tourism field I was famous with a nick name Magdy El Hawan of the pioneers of tourism in the port of Suez and worked in the maritime agency and I as well was a pioneer in such feild and I worked in the construction of marine and I was a leader in my work a success although the life in Suez Canal was very corrupted life and the whole world does know this I was swimming in a corrupted sea trying not to be polluted and tried hard to be as I always used to be pure of all corruption.And worked as a teacher language etymology, and I was one of the best teachers, and finally worked in the field of mobile and maintenance and I was number one in the Mahala and I had voices of social and literary, cultural and professional, but now, after everything that has happened I have no social status and not income and does not work and I ask myself and find myslef have done all effort as a good man as I am short of nothing and that the conditions were against me sometimes, but the business climate in Egypt does not help.If someone opens any activity in any area not governed by the laws and there are no laws guarantee the right of the employer nor worker or employee, and if they exist they are futile and unfair to both parties and there is not the so-called human intellect and common in Egypt, that any worker or staff member wishing in the theft of experience and be in the middle of the road of experience and established his business and that is one of the reasons that makes us still backwarded, whether trade or craft and is
counting on.And organizes the work was a trade and it was customary for the small and great respect must be a law regulating the expertise and competence and to develop tests for the opening of an activity and not to be of that state to poke its nose in these things to trouble people and make them sufer alot in their lives, as was the insurance, taxes, a lot of government agencies, but to facilitate and organize the life and work among the people in the spirit of the law a law to that end to facilitate and organize things not complexity.And why not electing higher positions in the state, but appointed Ministers in accordance with the work plan and vision and because he knows that he is a servant for the people not to be and have the feeling that they are higher race obove and over people who pay them . Punishing him and the minister who does not decide on the
message received from a citizen not to go through things and it was something that was not and that did not sends people to pay attention to them what should he do then. Last but not least my thanks and my respects to you personally and claimed God luck to you and do everything What is the benefit of the nation, the Egyptian , the Arab world ,The whle world as we are part of it and the Egyptian citizen wherever anywhere he was
Magdi Amer


I think every one reads this will agree with me that it is a worldwide problem nowadays to ask ourselves what is going on and also what should be added to the education books.There is acute shortage of values and ethics in the world. In addition to the public's ignorance on the world, and the falsehood of the information that we may receive from the other, or even ourselves I can tell that the world should have a trend towards :
There should be a uniform scientific materials for the whole world, and surely there are others in line with certain cultures and we must respect even if we did not agree with it.
re-considering and reviewing the structure of educational institutions and scientific material and moral, ethical and historical content of the curriculum

Howard Zinn

“I never trusted/believed in the government not now, not ever. I trust/believe in the people who fought for us, who died for us like the Cherokee Indians, the soldiers who believe they would be given land for their time spent fighting for their country, those are the people I believe in and respect”.
Howard Zinn

Civil disobedience is not our problem. Our problem is civil obedience. Our problem is that numbers of people all over the world have obeyed the dictates of the leaders of their government and have gone to war, and millions have been killed because of this obedience. . . Our problem is that people are obedient all over the world in the face of poverty and starvation and stupidity, and war, and cruelty" -
Howard Zinn

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