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I welcome all followers .I would like to thank you all for following it and highly appreciate your comments and sharing ideas .your comments and sharing is as a support to me .My goal is to defend my rights and any others' right ,making the necessarily changes by all means that is available to me in my country and the whole world to make our life better and for better world.invite your friends to help stop of all sorts of crimes against humanity (I hope to make a universal day to release all political and opinion detainees 25 of April ) to join our students brothers in Russia on this day struggling for a protest for the politiacl prisoners.دفاعا عن المظلومين و المقهورين و حقوق الانسان و الجرائم ضد الانسانيه فى العالم و فى عالمنا العربى خاصة و مصر.قد تشارك هذه المدونه مع اصدقائك او تتبعها فلا تستهين بمشاركتك بتعليق فى دقيقه قد يساهم فى انقاذ افراد او فئات او احيانا ملايين من العالم اشكركم ايجابيتكم فى العمل الحقوقى مع العلم ان هذه المدونه متصله مباشرة فور التعليق او النشر بالعديد من المنظمات الحقوقيه العالميه

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

brutality of the Egyptian police challenges the whole world laws

The peaceful protest today for the release of the detaineed of the 6 April movemnet and condmning the brutality and savage barbarian action by the police all the information collected by witnesses of the protest of Kefaya headed by "Abd Al Haleem Qandeel,6 April and opposition paties included some of the Muslims brotherhood group leaders "Mohamed Al Beltagi" ,People were to be some thousands when the police Assault Ayman Nour the head of Al Ghad party to kidnap him but they beat him and his people and kidnaped Ayman Nour's son and forced him with agression not to share the demonstrators ,but he managed to bear beating and continued his protest,A wave of police vielonce stormed the people but others came down from buses and cars to join the protest and defend against the police.still the police forces humiliate the Egyptian protesters and parties leaders by torturing, beating ,detaining horrifying them to suppress the people of expressing their opinion they beat Karema Al Hefnawi,arrested Bahae Saber and others..whereas there are some detainees of the last 6 April and "Mohammed Aawad" also in front of the supreme judiciary bulding beat and tortured 5 persons till the fainted Another witnesses said Ayman Nour was not assaulted ...and the protest went little somothly than 6 April one ...police was little brutal but not savage ..2 people were injured and reported a record at the attorney general ...5 were beaten continueing to get the latest news


For better world said...

It is noteworthy that in this protest the Egyptian police learnt the lesson carefully and do not treat the protesters so badly as usual ,but there were some people who were beaten ....The police now concentrates on only cameras ..and witnesses if there is no such things masks of brutality is worn ...Thanks to the International press,human rights watch,Amnesty International and American Cabenit to influence on the Egyptian police forces for making non violence action against peaceful protesters.....still there detainees of the universty students that were attacked by the police especially in Menouf,Mansoura and Alexandria....Also still the government chases the Muslims brothershood group who are very peaceful people and the security police still exert all sorts of brutality and it it considered as a genocide process and this can not be recorded or photograghed this needed meeting some of those people in the prisons(thousands of them inside jails) or out of of the methods used by the security police is filing records for every person who has long beard even if he do not belong to any group or party ..then begin followng,censor and chasing...send people who make rumors about those people to be not allow any of them to work in the government jobs and if happened ..make others hate them and arrest and annoy any who comes close to them...I witnesse myself in 1990 a person who has met and seen all these sorts of tortures...and some came to the office owner ,talked to hm after we knew they were people of the security police and the office owner told Mohammed sorry have to leave work otherwise I will get hurt...........welcome to Egypt that distort the image of the brothershood who made this unity for only help each others to possess possibilty to give work for each others and still opressed

For better world said...

Baha-e Saber is one of the detainee of yesterday's protest ....his face and left eye are swall ,harshly and severely was beaten.They are supposed to fabricate a crime for him to be convicted ...I don't trust our courts even if I trust our judges .. I do not exaggerate ...I introduced a complain last Februry on 12 and 13th ...till now the case did not have an issue number to be enrolled ..because in my ase I accused 4 police officers and the minister of interior ...The case would be buried ...even though I myself will not give up but what hurts me most to see others oppressed I defend them so as not to see them suffer as long as I am a live

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